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Two Summer Interns

Job Description:

The Alliance Church in Quartzite Arizona is looking for two (one male and one female) Summer Youth Ministry Interns to aid us in reaching out and developing the youth of Quartzsite. We are a small church that wants to empower the next generation of youth leaders. Quartzsite is a small desert town in Arizona close to the California border. The town is located at the crossroads of Interstate 10 and Highway 95. This is a great opportunity for those interested in working with youth in a ministry setting. This position will work with and report directly to the Lead Pastor of Quartzsite Alliance.

It is our goal for you as an intern to connect with the young people God has entrusted to us in this ministry. Because spiritual growth often takes place in the context of a relationship, it is important that you spend a lot of time building relationships with students.

There are two objectives for all youth interns: the first is every minister’s, which is to win teens to Christ, connect them with other Christians, and to help them grow in their faith. The second is to help you on your development into the leader that God intends you to be.

Interns are to serve, lead, teach, mentor, and encourage the youth in their walk with God. The female intern will be primarily responsible to the girls and the male intern will be primarily responsible to the guys. All the while working together to give the youth ministry a holistic look at how the people of God work together.

The interns must maintain daily office hours from 9 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. Spiritual growth is fundamental to our ministry. Tuesdays will be a time of devotionals and staff meetings, and interns will be required to keep a personal journal recording experiences and spiritual growth. Mornings are used for planning, coordination with other leaders, and administrative duties. Fridays and Sundays are youth interactions at the church, but interns will be encouraged to interact with teens outside of the church atmosphere.

The youth interns will be responsible for attending all youth related activities, and two Sunday worship times. Due to the short nature of this position, time off is limited to Mondays. Emergency situations will be dealt with on an individual basis.

Termination of this agreement on the part of the youth intern shall require a formal, written request at least two weeks prior to the proposed date of termination. Either party may terminate this agreement after due consultation.

Our Conduct policy for interns is as follows: There will be no dating between the youth ministry interns and any member of our youth group, nor will there be any dating relationships between interns. All relationships with teens and fellow staff should be above reproach. There are no exceptions to this policy. Interns must dress appropriately for youth nights where casual is acceptable, but modesty for both genders is required. Interns must dress business casual for Sunday mornings and evenings. Language, behavior, and attitude must be worthy of an ambassador of Jesus Christ at all times.

Interns must agree with the Quartzsite Alliance Church’s Statement of Faith, Biblical Marriage, and Sexual/Gender Identity as found at

Ministry Expectations:

Weekly devotional time with the Lead Pastor, encouraging growth with God and developing leadership philosophy and skills.
Become acquainted with the inner workings of the church to gain a better understanding of Quartzsite Alliance.
Foster relationships with students in the midst of programs, events, and Bible studies.

Build relationships with students; Have relational skills and service orientation. Have fun while looking into ways to stay energized.

Be flexible, take initiative, self-starter, team player and a problem solver.
Be able to work independently and as a team, willingness to grow, and be challenged.

Develop skills in preaching, teaching, and counseling.

Student Ministry Duties:

1. Coordinating and working with both the Lead Pastor, the other Summer Intern, and the youth leadership team.
2. Co-Lead Youth Events such as: (2) 1/2 Nighters, VBS, & Youth Camping Trip.
3. Co-Lead weekly Youth Nights (WRECK Nite).
4. Be involved in both Sunday morning worship and Sunday night discussions.
5. Ready to be on-call, filling in where needed, because ministry is a 24 hour thrill ride.
6. Preach at least one time in the Sunday morning service.



1. An acknowledgement that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior.
2. A desire to continue a strong, committed, and mature relationship with Christ.
3. An excitement and interest in teaching youth about God.
4. Currently enrolled in a ministry degree program.

Compensation and Housing:

1. Full time (at least 30 hours a week) from Mid-May to Mid-August 2018
2. Compensation: $2500 for the Summer, this will be paid out twice a month in increments of 416.67. With all expenses paid while on trips, both in-town and out-of-town.
3. Housing will be provided for the summer.
4. If an intern has a valid driver’s license, they will also have use of the church’s 12 passenger vans for personal use in town.

Our Goal

In working with an Intern’s school requirements for a ministry degree, Quartzsite Alliance is willing to tailor our internships to help interns achieve these requirements. Our goal is not only that we as a church get your help, but that you as a minister of God’s word grow and become the leader God intends you to be. Together, we believe we can achieve this.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Pastor Jeremiah, (928) 916-9571
To submit an application, please send a resume to


Organization name:
Quartzsite Alliance Church

Christian & Missionary Alliance


720 W. Desert Vista St. Quartzsite


Date Posted:
October 26, 2017

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