Student Ministry Director

The overall responsibility of the Student Ministry Director is to provide vision, leadership and oversight for the 6th grade through 12th grade ministry within City Church. Our vision is to build a church with all ages reaching the next generation, which means this position is where the action is focused. Students aren’t just the future of our church, they are the heartbeat of our church. We are looking for a youth pastor to build this department, develop leaders and implement the vision. If you think you are the man or woman for this job, we want to hear from you! Want to know about us? Check us out at


  • Have a growing relationship with Jesus Christ demonstrated in character and as outlined in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
  • Has a humble and teachable spirit born out of security in Christ and an accurate understanding of God-given capacity.
  • Lives a life of dependence on the Holy Spirit and faith as demonstrated in prayer life and personal experience.
  • Has a vision for reaching the lost and presenting every person complete in Christ through the local church.
  • Understands and lives by an equipping ministry model and has the people skills necessary to build a leadership team and train leaders for ministry.
  • Believes in and is able to articulate a team-based philosophy of ministry for leadership and service.
  • Is in agreement with the Doctrinal Positions, Core Values, Mission and Vision of City Church.


  • Lead the Student Ministry department in the overall development and implementation of the City Church ministry philosophy and strategy in alignment with the mission and core values of City Church.
  • Implement the curriculum of your choosing with the approval of the Elders of City Church to best serve the needs of the students we minister to.
  • Develop and lead a student ministry leadership team to provide direction, alignment, strategy and shepherding for all areas within the student ministry area.
  • Prepare and oversee student ministry budgets.
  • Create an exciting and inviting atmosphere for current students and guests as they arrive on Wednesday nights.
  • Lead the Student Ministry department to place a high value on creating an excellent experience.
  • Work with the staff and elders of City Church to create effective collaborative ministry for kids, students, parents and the greater church body
  • Work with eldership to keep the student ministry connected and in step with the overall ministry of City Church.


  • Regularly participate in the overall life of the Body at City Church cultivating an atmosphere of unity and encouragement among all ministries, staff and people.
  • Faithfully attend and participate in the monthly City Church all staff meetings.
  • Willingly submit to the City Church leadership structure and willingly follow the ministry and office protocols for the staff and people of City Church.


Organization name:
City Church



5300 2nd Street NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107


Date Posted:
March 20, 2019

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