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Student Ministry Director

About Saint Peter’s

Typically when people ask what St Peter’s is like, you won’t hear a description or a list of bullet points, but instead, a story.  A story of changed community.  A story of changed lives.  You’ll hear stories of being light in our community, and a story of all that God is doing in and through us.  Saint Peter’s is an Informal, suburban, beach culture church just outside of Charleston, SC who has been given the privilege to reach our community with the gospel of Jesus. We do this in a variety of ways, but we place the highest value on connection in Christ with a heart committed to transforming lives and culture across the low-country and beyond.  

We began with two women praying for the Lord to raise up a church that would transform the growing North Mount Pleasant community. From the beginning, the heart of Saint Peter’s has been about community, connection and transformation in Christ. Though we’ve grown a lot since those early days, we trust that as people connect—first to Christ, then to one another—they will be transformed to be more and more like Him.  We are excited about our next youth minister to come into this unfolding story of God in us.

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About the Youth Ministry 

Our youth ministry is in a healthy place and is an exciting community of students.  We are thrilled about what God is doing and where he is taking our group.  We are anticipating the right person for the position to come in a lead this ministry into the goodness of what God is longing to do in and through them. 

Our Mission for the position:

A passionate leader who will oversee the formation of our middle school and high school students and support our Church’s mission by connecting students and families to Christ in our community and beyond.    

The Outcomes:

*A team player: Partner with the lead pastor and staff in creating a deepening culture of outreach to and apprenticing of students in the way of Jesus.

*Develop a community of students and student leaders who practice the way of Jesus at home, at school, and out in our community.

*The ability to lead and grow multiple leadership teams using paid and volunteer leaders to further our mission and ministry to students.

*Develop a bridge between ministry to children and ministry to students within the Saint Peter’s Church family.


*A person of prayer and peace who is committed to loving and connecting with the Mount Pleasant community (Lowcountry).

*A personal apprentice to Jesus who habitually practices the way of Jesus.

(Be with Jesus, become like Jesus and do what Jesus did.)

*Values self-leadership.

*Relationally compatible with the Lowcountry culture and enjoys this place.

*Ability to plan, in advance (strategic gifting) and manage the development process.

*Highly competent and able to develop leadership teams and build trust with the leadership of those teams.

*Values small group community and pastoral care of others.

*Relationally skilled and gifted with a heart focused outwardly (missional).

A team player: Humble and team oriented in leadership style.  The ideal team player posses the following three virtues:

Humility – having a lack of excessive ego; focusing more on the leaders and  culture that they are developing (the Kingdom of God), than themselves

Smarts – not just intellectually smart but inner personally smart about others. 

They understand the dynamics of a group of people and how to say and 

do things and have a positive outcome on those around them

Hunger – has a strong work ethic; always looking for more to accomplish; committed to going above and beyond what is required for the cause of Christ.

Primary Responsibilities:

*Live a healthy life centered on honoring God with your life.

*Be an active member of the church staff contributing your gifts to the whole of the church

*Leadership, care, and training of parents and adult volunteers

*Teaching relevant messages with biblically sound doctrine 

*Curriculum oversight and development 

*Lead the structure and design of youth services in a team environment 

*Help create and develop an overall belief of intergenerational worship

*Oversight of all weekly small groups and their leaders

*Work with the Executive Pastor and the Children’s Ministry Director for curriculum sequence

*Serve and bless school campuses and comity centers.


Compensation is highly competitive, given cost of living in this area in proportion with education and experience.

Contact Information:

Please email your resume’ and cover letter, along with references to Brock Morgan at


Organization name:
St. Peter's Anglican

Anglican Church in North America


1307 Porchers Bluff Rd, Mt Pleasant


Date Posted:
March 31, 2018

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