Student Ministries Pastor


  1. Models a growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  2. Holds an undergraduate degree and seminary or equivalent training preferred
  3. Has experience successfully leading or assisting student ministry in a medium to large size church or youth organization
  4. Possesses a passion, excitement and energy for youth ministry that focuses on discipleship, mission, and community development
  5. Ascribes to the theological convictions in the Apostle’s Creed and familiarity with the Wesleyan theological heritage held by the United Methodist Church



Focus on the People


  1. Internally: Invest relationally in CCC students, parents, and volunteers of middle and high school ministries
  2. Externally: Develop the established partnership with the students and staff of A.C. Reynolds Middle and High School and explore and establish meaningful community partnerships
  3. Provide pastoral care to all students and their families during times of need.
  4. Provide pastoral assimilation to new students and families at Covenant Community Church.


Focus on the Team(s)


  1. Recruit, select, lead, and train adult volunteers for student ministry.
  2. Coordinate with the Student Ministry Leadership Team to set, plan, and accomplish annual goals consistent with the church’s vision.
  3. Routine celebration of the student ministry team.
  4. Identify and train students for service in student, churchwide, and community leadership roles.
  5. Collaborate and communicate with staff and parents/guardians
  6. Sunday morning worship service responsibilities as needed


Focus on the Systems


  1. Lead, coordinate, and direct programming for middle and high school students, which includes but is not limited to teaching, worship, youth small groups and service opportunities. Programming should be designed with a keen awareness of the unique developmental differences that exist between middle and high school students
  2. Design and implement worship services, connection and spiritual growth opportunities for middle and high school students in the church and the Greater Asheville community
  3. Coordinate training of and ensure compliance with the Safe Sanctuary policies and procedures for all volunteers serving in youth ministry
  4. Coordinate budget preparation and administration for the assigned program ministries of the church


Interested candidates should submit their resumes to 


Organization name:
Covenant Community Church

United Methodist Church


11 Rocket Drive Asheville, NC 28803


Date Posted:
July 27, 2022

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