Student Ministries Pastor

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Job Title: Student Ministries Pastor
Classification: Full-Time, Salary-Exempt
Department: Generations
Reports to: Ministries Director
Compensation: Variable, depending on experience

Our Student Ministries Pastor will extend the mission of Journey Community Church to reach ordinary students in accessing depth of life with Jesus as His disciples. The Pastor will oversee both part time staff members and volunteer staff in creating and implementing strategies for reaching out to students in our community, helping them to grow in relationship to Jesus, choosing discipleship and developing leadership.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

1. Strategizes to reach middle and high school students and disciple them in a way that supports the mission and vision of Journey Community Church.
a. Creates an overall strategy for reaching middle and high school students at Journey and in the community.
b. Creates an overall strategy for growing and discipling middle and high school students.
c. Creates an overall strategy for developing student leaders.
d. Partners with local middle and high schools to make connections and build relationships.
e. Plans, leads and facilitates services, life groups, events, camps and retreats focused on reaching and discipling middle and high school students.
f. Leads and guides the High School Associate Director and Middle School Associate Director.

2. Develops biblical literacy and transformative curriculum for middle and high school students
a. Life Groups
b. Weekend Services
c. Retreats
d. Camps
e. Student Leadership Program

3. Provides pastoral care for middle and high school students.
a. Builds relationships with students at events, services, camps, retreats and life groups.
b. Contacts, disciples, counsels and cares for students and families in meetings and phone calls.

4. Facilitates adult leader team.
a. Communicates and casts vision for the overall ministry strategy with high school and middle school leaders.
b. Recruits, develops, leads and shepherds student ministry leader team.
c. Works with student ministry leaders to plan and execute events, camps, retreats, services and life groups.

5. Recruits, onboards and coaches student ministry adult group leaders.
a. Recruits and vets new life group leaders.
b. Communicates group information with Ministries Director.
c. Participates in and oversees student ministry life groups.
d. Trains and equips all life group leaders.

6. Coordinates all aspects of planning for all services, events, retreats, groups and camps.
a. Weekend Services for middle school and high school
b. Life Groups
c. Events
d. Student Leadership Development
e. Fall Retreats, Winter Camp, and Summer Camp

7. Communicates and coordinates all aspects of Student Ministry with Journey families, other Journey ministry leaders, and the church at large.
a. Parent Meetings
b. All Staff Meetings
c. Student Ministry Meetings
d. Volunteer Leadership Development and Support gatherings
e. Website
f. Social media
g. Parent emails/newsletters

8. Participates in all Generations Team Events.
a. Summer Fun Camp
b. Holiday services
c. All Staff Community Outreach Events

9. Leads and directs Associate Director of Riptide and Associate Director of Encounter.
a. Meets with Associate Directors monthly, one on one.
b. Meets with Student Ministry Team monthly.
c. Casts vision and shares practical needs for each ministry.
d. Offers coaching and constructive feedback.
e. Ensures that the overall vision is being followed by the Associate Directors in each area.

10. Develops and manages the Student Ministry budget.

11. Works with the Generations Administrative Assistant for requests, including Facilities requests, promotions, food services, tech, website and database.

12. Works with Generations Ministry Assistant to ensure all volunteer and staff background checks and handbook requirements are completed.

13. Works with Kids’ Min to plan and provide parenting classes and seminars for our Journey families.

14. Works with local schools and provides on-campus student ministry (lunch clubs).

• Ability to communicate with staff, middle and high school students and their families in a manner that is effective, memorable and applicable.
• Conveys ideas and facts orally and in writing using language that audience will best understand
• Helps create a work environment that embraces and appreciates diversity
• Focuses on results and desired outcomes and how best to achieve them
• Promotes cooperation and commitment withing a team to achieve goals and deliverables
• Resolves difficult or complicated challenges
• Maintains composure in highly stressful or adverse situations
• Builds and maintains guest/customer satisfaction with the services offered by the organization


Education, Training & Experience
● Five years of experience leading a Student Ministry Team
● Bachelor’s Degree or Certification in Youth Ministry
● Masters/Seminary Degree preferred
● Minimum of 30 units in Bible and Theology required
● Knowledge and understanding of adolescent development and its application to middle and high school students
● Knowledge of Educational Philosophy and Strategies
● Experience in Counseling/Pastoring skills required

Job Skills, Knowledge, Expectations and Abilities
● Must have vision and has demonstrated an ability to strategize, plan, develop, coordinate, manage and implement a ministry that reflects the mission of Journey Community Church.
● Exhibits the ability to challenge and lead others
● Outstanding communicator with teaching skills and experience
● Exhibits skills and experience in counseling
● Knows how to use Keynote, Word, Excel, and Pro Presenter. Familiar with Mac OS and willing to learn other programs as needed



Organization name:
Journey Community Church La Mesa



8363 Center Dr


Date Posted:
April 13, 2022

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