Personnel Director of New Site


Full-time Personnel Director of New Site


Thrive ministers to at-risk youth in Knoxville to share the Gospel through relationships anchored in the love of Christ. We do this through our three main programs: Thrive After School, Thrive Summer, and Mentoring. Thrive seeks to connect children with deep spiritual, emotional, academic and physical needs with caring adults who have been blessed by the love of Christ. 


We believe the only hope for everyone in our hurting world is to break the generational patterns of sin by becoming new creations in Christ. Unlike many after school/mentoring programs, Thrive is explicitly Christian. We recognize that our students’ spiritual needs far outweigh their physical needs. Physical poverty often stems from poverty in other areas, and we seek to address the spiritual, emotional, academic and physical well-being of the children in our program in the hope of seeing them truly thrive.


As we move into neighborhoods throughout the region, we will be seeking pairs of leaders to direct our new sites. These sites will be in partnership with existing churches who seek to pour into the kids in their neighborhoods.



  • Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a field related to our work (education, social work).
  • Follower of Jesus in agreement with our Statement of Faith




  • Communicate and coordinate with the Volunteer Coordinator to assimilate volunteers onto sites. 
  • Greet and plug in new volunteers. 
  • Oversee all volunteers during program time.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with volunteers.  
  • Assist volunteers in the preparation and serving of meals. 
  • Plan times for volunteer-led service projects on campus, as directed by the Volunteer Coordinator. 
  • Appropriately thank all volunteers. 


  • Collaborate with the Communications Director in the planning and posting of social media, preparation and distribution of recruiting material, promotional videos, Christmas cards, and any other promotional materials. 
  • Meet with school personnel to build relationships and gain trust. 
  • Meet with community leaders in order to build relationships and gain trust and insight into the community. 
  • Take community leaders and/or potential donors on tours of the site. 


  • Build and maintain relationships with community churches and organizations to gain community involvement. 

Shepherding Interns 

  • Meet with interns one-on-one to build relationships and challenge growth formally and informally. 
  • Send regular words of encouragement to interns. 
  • Plan and lead devotionals for interns in conjunction with other site staff. 
  • Manage and supervise the work of jr. interns at your site, building relationships and encouraging growth, in collaboration with the HS Director. 
  • Assist in intern observations and evaluations as delegated by the program director.

Student Discipline 

  • Communicate with interns concerning behavior of students. 
  • Enforce the discipline system, complete yellow and red notes as needed, talk and pray with students about the choices they have made, pointing them to the gospel story of redemption.
  •  Aid students in calming behaviors. 
  • Communicate with parents about students’ behaviors when necessary in collaboration with the program director. 

Special Events

  • Plan and oversee special events on site, delegating duties and recruiting volunteers. 
  • Collaborate with other staff members for all-Thrive events. 


Organization name:



719 Dameron Avenue


Date Posted:
April 1, 2021

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