We are seeking a Pastor to assist the leaders in overseeing the life and direction of our beloved College Corner Community Church in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ; a pastor who is committed to Loving God, Loving Others, and Making Disciples. This Holy Spirit-led person will be able to craft a vision, offer pastoral leadership to the congregation, and will engage in pastoral care ministries that meet the needs of persons in the church and the community. Our new pastor will have among his attributes: servant leadership, visionary leadership, shepherding, evangelism, faithfulness, emphasis on prayer, excellent communication, and compassion. The Pastor will actively support the community outreach activities in the surrounding neighborhoods and will oversee the assimilation of new attendees to ensure a continued loving environment in the congregation. We are searching for an individual to lead our flock on Thursday evenings and all-day Sunday. Please contact Robert Beckett, First Elder, at (513) 255-2390 or at to discuss this opportunity! 


Organization name:
College Corner Community Church



200 Indiana Street, West College Corner, IN 47003


Date Posted:
April 26, 2022

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