Pastor to Youth

Youth Pastor
Job Description
Overview of Position
The Youth Pastor is responsible for oversight of Youth Ministries at North Albany Community Church.
General responsibilities fall into four categories: Creating and Implementing Programming; Outreach,
Discipleship, and Leadership of Middle School and High School students; Managing and Training
Staff; and Overseeing another key ministry.
Required Aptitudes and Skills
The Youth Pastor must be a growing Christian and a person of integrity. He should reflect the aptitudes
of I Timothy 3. He must be a participating member at North Albany Community Church. This
ministry focus is to compliment the church’s vision to Love God, Love People, Grow in Christ and
Serve the World. Therefore, the following aptitudes are required: Spiritual maturity, biblical knowledge,
leadership, teaching, discipleship with a love and desire to work with students. The Youth Pastor
will need to be able to multi-task and perform various duties on a regular schedule as well as carry
out unscheduled tasks; have good public relations skills in dealing with children and students, parents,
schools, church, staff, and others.
Experience and Training
The Youth Pastor should have education and training that exhibits the knowledge, skills, and abilities
of this position. He should have a minimum of 5 years of experience working with youth, as well as a
working knowledge of child/youth development and programming. The Youth Pastor must have a balanced
Philosophy of Ministry. He will need to participate in annual training and/or conferences.
Specific Responsibilities
The Youth Pastor’s supervision includes: Oversight of planned out programming; Adherence to policies
of North Albany Community Church; Recruitment and oversight of Youth Staff ; Effective communication
with office staff regarding schedules and other information; Budgeting and implementation of
youth agenda. 80% of ministry will be focused on Youth. 20% will be on overseeing another ministry.
Other duties and responsibilities
The Youth Pastor is an active communicator to the church staff, attending meeting and giving updates.
He is available to youth parents at church, by phone, email or other media.
He is responsible for accounting of budgets including fundraisers and accounts receivable.
He is regularly recruiting volunteers for programming, outreach events, staff, etc.
He is responsible for maintaining Youth Center.
He will be involved in a support group/connect group.
Reporting and Supervision
The Youth Pastor will report to the Associate Pastor. All policies will be written by the Associate Pastor
together with the Youth Pastor and submitted to the board for approval.
Work Schedule, Wages and Benefits
The Youth Pastor will work a 40 hour+ weekly schedule. Weekly ministries include: Youth group meetings
on Sunday mornings; Youth group meetings on Wednesday nights; All staff meetings; Meetings
with Associate Pastor; Administration. Salary is based on experience and education. Pay days are on
a bi-weekly basis. Benefits include: Housing allowance, Health insurance, Retirement, Social Security
offset, and reimbursement accounts.
Salary range of $42,000- $52,000
(Based on education and ministry experience)
-Health Ins. /HSA- $8-$10,000
-Retirement- 8% of Salary
-Conference expenses paid
-Missions support allowance
-Social Security Offset paid
-Housing allowance


Organization name:
North Albany Community Church

Conservative Baptist America


1273 Thornton Lake Drive NW Albany, OR 97321


Date Posted:
August 26, 2021

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