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Pastor of Student Ministries

We are a church committed to disciple-making. We are looking for a Pastor of Student Ministries who will be responsible to oversee disciple-making programs for Jr. High, Senior High, and College Age students. Our goal for this Pastor is to help our students mature from kids to contributing adults who wholeheartedly follow Jesus. While he will be responsible to recruit and equip leaders for Jr. High and College Age groups, we expect that the majority of his time will be spent investing in the Senior High students and their staff. There is one more thing: We are seeking to become more integrated intergenerationally at MCA. This person must have a desire to facilitate deeper, spiritually enriching relationships between our adults and students.

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Organization name:
Mennonite Christian Assembly



10664 Fryburg Rd., Fredericksburg, OH 44627


Date Posted:
April 19, 2017

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