Pastor of Middle School Movements


  • DEVELOPER: This role flows through three developmental phases: personal, leadership, and organizational
    • PERSONAL – This answers the what What does the interior life of your leadership look like? What does your God-given uniqueness consists of? Personal character and self-awareness are continually refined at this stage and self-leadership is primary.
    • LEADERSHIP – This answers the who Leadership is contextual and will flow from one person to a community. As a leader in our community, this position requires leadership that leads other kingdom workers to their own personal clarity. Who are you developing? Who are they developing?
    • ORGANIZATIONAL – This answers the how How will your leadership affect the organization of Heartland Community Church? How will you recruit, train, and release leaders to be effective kingdom workers in Kansas City?
  • PARTNER: a trusted partner of the Pastor of Family Movements and the Pastor of High School Movements
  • MOVEMENT LEADER: providing movemental-type support and encouragement to students, families, neighborhoods and local schools
  • TEAM BUILDER: invest relationally in adults and students while calling them to do the same with others
  • CAMPUS MINDED: embrace the “both/and” expressions of student ministry: gathered at the physical church building and scattered across the city.


Four year undergraduate degree is preferred.


Three to five years experience (volunteer or staff) in leading people in life change.  This could be in a church, school, or para-church setting.


When formulating your resume for this position, please include the following information for each position you have held in the past 10 years:

  • Employer
  • Your title(s), time of employment there (e.g., 1990 – 2001) and details concerning transitions
  • Scope/size of the organization and your department
  • Three specific achievements or accomplishments that were most meaningful to you while in these positions

Please also include any meaningful assessments or inventories that help us know more about you:  e.g. DISC, StrengthsFinder, Enneagram, Meyers Briggs, Five Fold, etc…


(They will not be contacted without your prior knowledge.)

  • Your current pastor/minister, discipler or the ministry leader who has had the most significant impact on your life. (This does not necessarily have to be the senior pastor/minister in your church.)
  • Two references from your professional life – preferably a significant manager, a peer, or a subordinate
  • Two personal references that can speak to your character and personal faith in Christ


In order to give us a more complete picture of you and your interest in this position, please provide thoughtful responses to each of the following questions.

  1. Describe your relationship with Jesus.
  2. What makes you a healthy person?
  3. What is it about Heartland that attracts you to this position?
  4. Tells us about a significant experience in your own leadership development, ministry involvement, or business experience that would translate to success in this role.
  5. Looking back over your career, describe how your career/ministry experiences to date have prepared you for this position.
  6. Give an example of the best team that you have led and what made you and the team so effective and enjoyable.

Submit these responses (in WORD, .DOC or PDF format) along with your resume to:  Audrey Canaday –


Organization name:
Heartland Community Church



12175 S Strangline Road, Olathe, KS 66062


Date Posted:
August 30, 2019

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