Pastor/Director of Student Ministry

Job Description
The primary responsibility of the Pastor/Director of Student Ministries is to provide catalytic leadership to the student ministry, helping to envision, strategize, implement, and lead a student ministry that changes the world by making disciples who make disciples:

This role is for someone who is passionate about God and loving others.

The opportunity is to create pathways for students to come to salvation, grow in their faith, become disciples (one who loves and obeys Jesus), and help disciple others.

Along the way, you will ensure that the DNA, vision, and values of our church are communicated, demonstrated, and infused into the student ministry as well as outreach programs in local schools.

While the responsibilities and skills detailed below are critical, a heart for God’s Kingdom and demonstrated leadership skills, talents, and results are the foundation for success in this leadership opportunity.

What are we looking for?
The ideal candidate would be somebody who is energetic and ready to lead. We are ready to train the right candidate who has some experience in student ministry already.

You’re spiritually mature, wise, and lead with humility.

You have a track record of reaching the lost, and you have a heart for seekers and the unchurched. You care about seeing others come to know Jesus.

You’re a disciple-maker. You invest in people, and they catch that vision and go on to disciple others. You have a track record of helping people take their next step in faith, and some of them have followed your example and are currently doing the same with others.

You’re a self-starter. You have an ability to get things done. You’ve got a system in place to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks. You follow through on things you say you’ll do. You respond promptly to emails and phone calls.

You’re comfortable leading “naturally supernaturally” (operating in the gifts of the Spirit, including praying for healing and prophetic prayer) in all contexts, practically blending the natural and supernatural aspects of leadership.

You have relational warmth. People find you approachable and easy to talk to. You are warm and engaging, and clearly care for people. You have a pastor’s heart and a leader’s mind. You can speak comfortably and naturally in front of large and small groups. Your own personality comes through. People look to you as a leader.

Why this is a great place to work
You will love working here because we will equip you and enable you to “GO” and love students where they are. Your leadership and vision will drive the student ministry in our community.



Organization name:
Church in the Pittsburgh, PA area

United Methodist Church


Pittsburgh, PA


Date Posted:
June 9, 2022

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