PAID Full-Time Summer Youth Intern

Position Overview & Salary:

Hope Presbyterian Church of Fredericksburg, Virginia in presently seeking to fill a seasonal full-time paid summer Youth Ministry Intern position for the summer of 2019.

The intern will work for 12 weeks with a negotiable start/stop date of May/August in keeping with collegiate academic schedules. The intern will be paid $3,500 (pretax) over the 12 weeks, in 6 installments. Housing for the summer can be arranged with a family in our congregation upon request.

Position Description:

The Youth Ministry Intern assists in the planning, implementation, and administration of all facets of the youth ministry at Hope Presbyterian Church throughout the summer months. Strategic areas of the summer ministry include middle school camp, high school missions, and small groups. This is a minimum 40 hours/week position, for 12 weeks (May-Aug, start/end dates negotiable depending upon individual’s schedule). A typical week may look like the following (this is just an example, not a strict schedule)*:


Worship Attendance (1 hr) We believe we exist to “glorify God and enjoy him forever,” thus worship is a priority. All interns are expected to participate weekly in a Sunday morning worship service with the Hope Presbyterian Church family.


“Contact Work” with Children and Families (10 hrs/wk) The goal of our ministry is to partner with parents, encouraging and equipping them to disciple their young people. Establishing and nurturing healthy relationships with both parents and youth is key. Summer provides many opportunities for casual contact including community swim meets (quite popular in our area), athletic competitions, and so on. Creativity is also encouraged in pursuing intentional contacts, one-on-one or in small groups.


Small Group Discipleship (4 hrs/wk) Establish, direct, and teach a gender-specific small group meeting weekly in the home of a congregant. Intern may also occasionally be called upon as a substitute for other groups or Sunday school classes.


Preparation and Planning (10 hrs/wk) Study will be required in preparation for small group lessons and curriculum. The intern may also be tasked with responsibilities related to recruiting and training volunteers and student leaders for various activities. Time will also be devoted to planning and preparing outreach events (e.g. community cookout, food bank, etc.) and fellowship activities (e.g. KD trip, Flying Squirrels game, etc.).


Administrative Responsibilities (7 hrs/wk) This includes administrative duties as a member of Hope Presbyterian Church professional staff, such as weekly staff meetings, weekly meetings/planning sessions with the Director of Youth Ministry, trip planning, reporting, and other duties as assigned by the Youth Director.


Personal Development (7 hrs/wk) Time is to be spent in pursuit of personal growth both professionally and spiritually. Intern will be assigned several reading assignments during the course of the summer and expected to report on them. (We have our ideas, but have in mind some of your own ideas as to what you might like to read.) A written report will be required at the beginning of the internship outlining the individual’s hopes and goals for the summer. Keeping a journal (paper or electronic) is highly recommended. A written report with regard to the successes and failures in attaining those goals, as well as an exit interview will be required upon completion of the summer internship.


“Other” Responsibilities (1 hr/wk) Opportunities abound for participation in various aspects of worship and church life which may or may not be directly related to youth ministry.


*Youth intern may also be required to participate in leadership of one or more ministry trips, typically 5-8 days in duration, including camps and/or mission trips.


To apply, please email Bryan Lees, Director of Youth Ministry, at to receive an application and complete internship details.



Organization name:
Hope Presbyterian Church

Evangelical Presbyterian Church of America


11121 Leavells Road Fredericksburg, Virginia


Date Posted:
November 29, 2018

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