Next Gen Worship Internship (12 mos)

General Information:

This position will provide support for all aspects of Middle & High School Worship.  This is a wonderful opportunity to implement a vision for what Next Gen worship could look like at Westover Church.  The 12-month internship is purposed with expanding your experience in ministry while providing mentoring within the assigned area.  This is a full time, paid role and will further prepare participants for service within the local church setting.  Experiences will vary in degrees of oversight, responsibility & collaboration with other ministries.  A considerable musical background & prior involvement in leading church worship/students are desirable for this role.

Primary Responsibilities:

* Serve as lead in planning/executing student worship services (set up/tear down/alignment with teaching topic, etc)

* Recruit, equip & train students as members of a worship team

* Collaborate with Worship team to integrate more students into churchwide worship

* Provide ideas & help develop creative worship elements that appeal to the student/young adult demographic at Westover

* Participate and/or lead worship on Sunday mornings as needed

* Promote a spirit of teamwork and a constructive environment for working relationships


* Undergraduate degree & 1-2 years of relevant experience (paid or volunteer)

* Experience in leading worship

* Proficient in piano or guitar

* Ability to use Ableton, Prime, Logic Pro or similar system

* Familiar with PCO for weekly volunteer scheduling, service planning, and song materials

* Demonstrated leadership (team building, coaching, mentoring, empowering) with students and adult volunteers

* A teachable spirit, ability to receive constructive feedback, eagerness to learn

* Ability to work a fluctuating schedule, nights & weekends as event preparation requires


Qualified candidates should fill out a Westover job application to be considered.  Resumes may be attached & should detail relevant experience in this area.  Links to video recordings/prior worship (if available) are encouraged.


Organization name:
Westover Church



505 Muirs Chapel Rd


Date Posted:
February 11, 2021

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