Ministry Internship

We are looking for ministry interns to join the team of our Oklahoma City church plant.

We are a Spirit-filled, Presence-based church plant looking for someone who has a passion to help encounter God. We are a passionate group pressing in for revival to breakout in Oklahoma City.


Your ministry internship will give you an opportunity to serve, learn and engage within the vision and culture of Overflow. Interns are mentored and discipled by the Overflow leadership team. You will dive into the day to day of life in ministry and have a more clear view of your call, gifts, and power through the Holy Spirit. Our ministry approach is to empower and release, not micromanage.

Responsibilities Include

→ Fully integrate with all aspects of the church.
→ Actively participate in services two Sundays each month (e.g. share testimony, technical help, etc.).
→ Aid in planning, preparation and execution of Sunday services.
→ Strategize, develop and nurture a culture of passionate pursuit of God within our team and the congregation.
→ Help develop members of the church.
→ Participate in special events.
→ Be a full-team player in providing servant leadership, pastoral care and visitation to the church body as needed.
→ This is a volunteer ten hour per week internship.

Highly Desired

→ Demonstrate spiritual and emotional maturity according to Biblical standards.
→ Be committed to Overflow through faithful attendance, giving, and service.
→ Be self-motivated and demonstrate initiative.
→ Possess a reputation of integrity.
→ Sensitive to the leading of Holy Spirit during prayer and ministry times.
→ Understand the need to be flexible in the shifting environment of ministry.

Apply online at


Organization name:



Oklahoma City, OK USA


Date Posted:
November 13, 2022

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