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Middle School Director

Job Description
Middle School Director

All interested candidates – please send your resume to:

Primary Responsibility:

To facilitate spiritual and numerical growth in middle school students through managing the Connect, Remain, and Produce programs. 


Specific Responsibilities:

Connect Responsibilities:


  1. Serve as the program director for a weekly Sunday Morning and Wednesday Outreach program; coordinating fellowship, assimilation systems, worship, and curriculum/message series in a way that leads to a successful environment. 
  2. Serve as the program director for a monthly fellowship event; coordinating volunteers, resources, and schedules in a way that leads to spiritual and numerical growth.
  3. Lead efforts to connect students with the Wednesday night program by utilizing database information. 
  4. Structure the teaching calendar in such a way to provide students with regular opportunities to come to make commitments to Christ. 


Remain Responsibilities:


  1. Set goals, action plans, calendar, curriculum/message series, and corresponding budget requests.
  2. Take part in recruiting, training, and directing adult and college volunteers who can assist in the programs that develop spiritual disciplines. 
  3. Create quarterly spiritual growth challenges that will help students put their faith into practice. 
  4. Develop and lead a yearly retreat that is aimed at helping students deepen preexisting faith roots. 
  5. Lead a quarterly service opportunity.

Produce Responsibilities: 

  1. Lead a yearly local mission/service trip with accompanying leadership training for participating students.
  2. Identify potential students for servant leadership program and manage their growth. 

Other Areas of Responsibility:

  1. Direct and maintain Facebook page for middle school students.
  2. Facilitate communication with middle school students through phone calls and Facebook messages.
  3. Attend major school events and hang out with students in small groups or as individuals on a regular basis.
  4. Participate in weekly Staff meetings.
  5. Participate in weekly meetings with the Student Ministry Director.
  6. Prepare budgets and maintain accurate financial records.
  7. Other duties as assigned.







Adult Volunteers

College Volunteers

All Middle School Students


Supervised by:                

Next Generation Director 


Spiritual Gifts Mix:

  1. Teaching*
  2. Leadership*


  1. Passionate about developing leaders to achieve maximum results*
  2. Passionate about strategy*
  3. Relationally-wired *


  1. Recruiting*
  2. Teaching*
  3. Planning*
  4. Team-Leadership*


  1. ESFJ (Selfless Contributor), INFJ (Advocating Creative), ESTP (Social-Loving Starter)
  2. Outgoing and Exciting
  3. Passionate


  1. Minimum bachelor’s degree in Bible, Youth Ministry or related area
  2. Preferred 6 months  – 1 year experience with youth ministry 
  3. Bible teaching and curriculum development*
  4. Discipleship and development of leaders*
  5. Development of strategic plans and budget

Meets Staff Qualifications*

  1. Spiritually mature in faith and walk
  2. Tither and manages own finances well
  3. Manages family well
  4. Passes Ministry Exam
  5. Doctrinal agreement with our statement of faith; avoids doctrinal divisiveness in areas where out statement of faith does not comment

* required, no exceptions


Organization name:
The Pointe Church



5335 Bass Road Fort Wayne, IN 46808


Date Posted:
April 19, 2018

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