Student Ministry Pastor

Hillcrest Bible Church is searching for a Student Ministry Pastor of great vision, passion, and maturity whose heart is burdened tobuild a community of students who, within their families, neighborhoods and schools, are increasingly capable of understanding and becoming the kind of people who know what it is to love Jesus a little bit more each day.


Responsibilities:Responsibilities of the Student Ministry Pastor include, but are not limited to:

  • Building an interdependent community of adult leaders who freely and joyfully work toward accomplishment of the position objective.
  • Creating, executing and refining a strategy for focusing students on Christ so they have a real chance to become disciples for life.
  • Helping students realize the importance of strong families, modeling what that means and encouraging unity and connections throughout the whole church.
  • Developing student discipleship ministry systems that are founded on the intentional building of meaningful relationships that function interdependently.
  • Cultivating emerging student leaders who work alongside lay and professional leaders.
  • Nurturing a community that is inclusive of students from varying backgrounds and lifestyles.


Basic Qualifications

  • Baptized believer.
  • A growing, vibrant faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Proven character.
  • Experience with student ministry.
  • Degree from an accredited Christian college or university.
  • Possess the energy to lead a highly relational, creative, and demanding ministry.
  • A team player.
  • Skill in communicating to students, leading volunteers, and managing ministry structures.
  • Ability to develop leaders and delegate responsibility.
  • Satisfies the Biblical qualifications of 1 Peter 5:1-4; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
  • Committed to the principles and beliefs of Hillcrest Bible Church.
  • Possesses a servant’s heart.
  • Passes all required background and credit checks.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Three or more years’ experience with student ministry.
  • Ministry-specific graduate degree is a plus.


NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other

related duties as directed to meet the ongoing needs of the church.



This position will be focused on student ministry (5th-12th grade) where about half the effort of this position engages the execution of the functional elements of student ministries.  The other half invests in the development of a leadership community around student ministries.

This position is responsible for impacting three kinds of people:

  1. Leaders. God has given us adults with the spiritual gifts and passions necessary to reach students. The Youth Pastor must identify, envision, equip, and shepherd these future leaders to reach their God-given potentials and experience the adventure of serving. They must develop a community of leaders who build into the lives of junior high and senior high students. Though the Youth Pastor must be skilled at relating to and communicating with students, their primary role will be developing and equipping adult leaders. (The Youth Pastor to the “youth pastors”.)
  2. Christian Kids. The Youth Pastor must develop a discipleship ministry that challenges Christian kids to grow in full devotion to Christ and become peer leaders amongst their friends. The program must provide a healthy balance of worship, evangelism, serving, community, and spiritual growth, and should regularly produce passionate, vision-filled servants of Christ.
  3. Disinterested Kids. Many youth programs wait for lost kids to come to them. The Youth Pastor must build a dynamic outreach program that follows the model of Jesus — a style and philosophy of ministry where leaders spend time with kids in places where they live their lives, regardless of their spiritual condition or connection to our church. It is a ministry of presence; with the kids where they learn, live, work, and play, and going to where they are because a kid’s life does not happen within the walls of the church. It is a ministry of relentless pursuit which is not dictated by a young person’s response to us or to the Gospel.

The strategy for impacting these three groups is open and flexible. Hillcrest loves to think “outside the box” and is not bound by tradition. Results are what counts – that an ever-growing number of students would meet Christ and become passionately committed to him.

This pastor will meet the following general requirements:

  • Works, on average, 40 hours per week to accomplishing the position objective.
  • Holds, or plan to complete, a post-graduate degree in theological studies.
  • Hold pastoral credentials or is pursuing credentialing.


Fit To Church Organization & Strategy:  This position is part of the pastoral team and is accountable to the Lead Pastor with relationship to ministry direction and employment.  The position is designed to support the achievement of Hillcrest’s mission and vision.  It is a peer to other pastoral staff members.  The position may have subordinate paid pastoral staff or lay leaders for which it is accountable.


Candidate Profile:

When thinking about what this person is doing now, the following would be good clues that a match is possible:

  1. Is in a church leadership position now, or recently, either lay or professionally.
  2. Is a capable teacher, comfortable one-on-one, in small interactive groups or large, sermon-like presentations.
  3. Has worked through numerous approaches to discipling students, some successful, some failures—is capable of presenting thorough analysis of what worked and what didn’t. Has shaped a philosophy of ministry that holds together.
  4. Is tech savvy, embraces technology as a means of ministry but not the end.
  5. Can demonstrate, by anecdote and reference, solid one-on-one relational skills.
  6. Is known as a leader by colleagues and co-workers. If asked, people he has worked with would describe him very quickly as a “learner.”
  7. Is attractive to students in appearance and demeanor yet is clearly not a student.
  8. Trains, equips and deploys leaders and has a track record to prove it.
  9. Looking, but not wholly satisfied, that he has the pastoral team with him that will enable spiritual formation to the level he believes is best for students.


When thinking about this person’s ministry related challenges, he would be:

  1. Maybe just a little frustrated that the church can be ineffective at producing the kind of people who, by their nature, do what Jesus said would be good that they do—sees student ministries as the place where what you do flows from who you are.
  2. Recognizes that programs are means but, in and of themselves, are weak at producing life change that is deep and lasting.
  3. Sold out to the notion that changing lives is the only reason they do what they do.
  4. Infused with a desire to seek God, to enjoy God, no matter where it leads him and yet uneasy at being caught a little bit too often in the doings of ministry.
  5. Excited and overwhelmed to be used by God to introduce a relatively homogeneous congregation to the wild diversity of a youth culture and learning to embrace it with loving acceptance. Challenged to figure out how to do that in a way that creates positive, productive growth in the body.


In the following, this person might think or respond in these ways:

  1. Though clear headed on most issues himself, on issues of doctrine and contrary views, is open to questions, for exploration, for an appropriate level of uncertainty.
  2. When presented with someone who lacks outward conformity to his or the ministry norms, is loving, accepting and nurturing, finds it distasteful to seek outward conformity ahead of inner transformation.
  3. Though capable of leading most any group or activity, if given the opportunity to lead or nurture another person in leading, chooses nurturing more and more of the time.
  4. Has wrestled with being the upfront person or the project leader and knows now that delegating is better.Understands how to make the hand-off and stay in touch so that a team can function on their own.
  5. In situations that go contrary to his desired direction, he has grown accustomed to making his case clear but not pushing for his direction ahead of those that must go with him.
  6. Knows that modeling a life committed to walking with Jesus is at the core of discipleship.

Vision & Values

Hillcrest Bible Church is growing in its appreciation for what is possible when people come together, begin to shape a vision for their individual lives in God’s Kingdom, and then move forward into what He is doing.  The following is a summary of the themes which are beginning to permeate Hillcrest’s ministry structures and activities.

OUR VISION:To glorify God by making disciples of all nations by…

  • Helping people CONNECT to Christ and to His church.
  • Challenging people to GROW toward spiritual maturity.
  • Equipping people to SERVE God, the church, and the watching world.



Erin Courts is responsible for creating safe, nurturing, relationally based, developmentally appropriate learning environments in which children from birth through fourth grade are encouraged to begin an adventure with God.

Pastor of Student Ministries (open) will make sure that our older students (Junior High, Senior High) are offered compelling opportunities to come to grips with who they are becoming, and what difference Jesus makes for those who pursue him wholeheartedly.
Erik Dunkin envisions and plans the overall context for congregational worship so that it spills into our daily life. By drawing on technical, musical and other artistic talent, this role looks for ways to keep the worship experience true to the church’s vision by ensuring that people are discovering worship.

Fred Schmitt oversees and leads all things adults. He leads our adult discipleship, building intimacy, connectivity and interdependence through life groups, study groups, one-on-one discipleship, and bridge ministries.  He also directs the care side of adult ministries, focusing his attention on building teams that come along side those whose hurts require more specialized attention. He also leads our outreach ministries which extend from Oregon, Wisconsin to all nations, encouraging everyone to more fully experience the abundant life that inevitably accompanies sharing Jesus’ love with those yet to believe.

Jill Rau is our front desk administrator who manages the resources that facilitate the fulfillment of our vision.

Renae Sherven devotes her time and energies to maximizing our campus usage for God’s glory, overseeing any element related to how our property might be utilized for ministry as well as leading the office team, the finance team, and information technologies.

David Bartosik leads the pastoral team and is responsible, with the elder board, for setting the overall direction and tone of Hillcrest Bible Church.  David is the principal teacher for Sunday morning congregational worship.

If interested, send resume and cover letter only to elderlar@gmail.comand david@hbclife.comor mail to:

Hillcrest Bible Church
Attn: Youth Pastor Search 752 East Netherwood Street Oregon, WI 53575


Organization name:
hillcrest bible church



752 east netherwood street


Date Posted:
November 5, 2019

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