Intern Director of Youth

Director of Youth

The position is an entry level internship opportunity. We are seeking an individual who feels called to the ministry, is educated in Biblical Studies or a related field, and interested in pursuing a career in youth or pastoral ministry. Experience is not necessary, but helpful. The Di- rector of Youth Ministry will work as a part of the Family Ministries Team and is expected to contribute any way needed to the overall support of the church body.

The position requires a full 1 year commitment (although it can be ex- tended by mutual agreement) This individual will spend the year learning first hand the ins and out of ministry programming, leader- ship and cross cultural understanding.

The youth program is currently in a state of flux due to the pandemic. The primary responsibility is a weekly youth gathering for middle and high school students as well as one on one relationship building and discipleship.

This is a partially paid position but individuals can raise support to supplement. Airfare will be reimbursed half at the end of the first semester and half at the end of the second semester.

Amy Widener
Director of Family Ministries


Organization name:
Maadi Community Church



Maadi Cairo Egypy


Date Posted:
June 10, 2021

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