High School Pastor



Vineyard Cincinnati Church is passionate about loving the people of Cincinnati into a relationship with Jesus, by doing small things with great love. Vineyard Cincinnati Church values generosity, serving, growth, acceptance, being together, and worship. God has given the Vineyard a mission in Cincinnati for the expansion of His Kingdom and the people of the church are excited and eager to fulfill this mission.

The High School Pastor will provide leadership, discipleship, administration, and oversight for all aspects of the ministry for 9th-12th grades and oversight for the entire Student Ministry Staff Team (including the Middle School Pastor)  while working in concurrence with the overall mission, vision, values, and strategies of Vineyard Cincinnati Church.

The ideal candidate for this role is passionate about introducing the faith to students and discipling others in leading those students to develop their faith. This person is experienced, a leader, administratively capable, and a vision-caster. This candidate enjoys working on a team and investing in the people around them.


  • Act as the 1st contact for students, parents, volunteers, families within your span of care.
  • Lead as the primary teaching pastor for this ministry area.
  • Work closely with the NextGen staff and volunteers to create safe, excellent, and effective events, experiences, & environments that encourage students to take a next step in their faith.
  • Develop and execute effective ministry plans for events, experiences, environments that engage/retain and encourage real-life faith application for high school students.
  • Provide direct oversight of scope and sequence for all High School Ministry curriculum. This includes production, worship, and tech pieces needed to support and enhance the curriculum.
  • Recruit and develop volunteer teams. Cast a compelling vision, disciple, and create a healthy team culture. Create an emerging leadership culture within the teams you lead.
  • Intentionally invest in relationship building with high school students, coaches, and small group leaders through contact work. Train your coaches and small group leaders to do the same.
  • Inform and direct to intentional activities that foster adolescent pathways to spiritual growth: serving, baptism classes, small groups, high school experiences, next-step classes, classes for their parents, etc. Actively follow up with students who give their life to Christ and point them to a next step.
  • Work closely with the NextGen team to better partner with parents cultivating a positive image and creating events, experiences, and environments that parents will support without reservation.
  • Establish and maintain consistent and effective communication with students, parents, volunteers and VCC staff.
  • Create and manage all High School Ministry content posted on social media.
  • Develop and manage a ministry-area budget, managing expenditures focused on proper stewardship and ensuring a variance of 0% or less except as directed by Executive Pastor.


  • Required Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Student Ministry or related
  • Required Experience: 5 years minimum in student ministry


TO APPLY: vineyardcincinnati.com/jobs


Organization name:
Vineyard Cincinnati Church



11340 Century Cir E


Date Posted:
September 17, 2020

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