High School Ministrer

Sherwood Oaks Christian Church, located in Bloomington IN (hometown of Indiana University), is searching for a full-time High School Minister. Praying for an individual with high character and extreme love and passion for helping high school students grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. From a ministry culture standpoint we’re looking for someone who will excel at discipling through teams, passionately pursue partnering with parents, challenge and equip students to rely on the Holy Spirit and create environments that emanate the love of Jesus Christ. If interested in applying for this position please send a cover letter and your resume to bgeiger@socc.org by November, 1st 2021.

Job Description can be found HERE.



Organization name:
Sherwood Oaks Christian Church

Churches of Christ


2700 E. Rogers Road, Bloomington, IN 47401


Date Posted:
September 24, 2021

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