Graduate Resident Youth or Children’s Minister- Multiple openings

Graduate Resident Youth or Children’s Minister 

About the Residency: 

Fulfill your call to youth or children’s ministry through the Graduate Residency in Youth  Ministry at the Center for Youth Ministry Training (CYMT). The Graduate Resident Youth or  Children’s Minister is a unique professional ministry opportunity that provides you with a job at a  local ministry setting (church, camp, or nonprofit) while both training and coaching you as you  earn your Masters of Arts in Youth Ministry through CYMT’s partner seminary. CYMT partners  with Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, in Austin, TX and also has a Nashville Extension.  Acceptance to the program is competitive, as the cohort spots are limited in each region. The cost  to the resident is only $2,000 for the 3-year program, with discounts for early application  acceptance. 

Graduate Residents (on the Placement Track) will receive: 

  • Full scholarship for tuition, books, and housing 
  • Masters degree from accredited seminary 
  • A job as a youth minister in a local church/camping ministry 
  • $1,000 per month stipend 
  • Veteran youth ministry coach 

Core Components: 

  • Cohort: Residents are part of a dynamic, group-learning community that provides encouragement and support as they walk through ministry together.
  • Coaching: Residents receive one-on-one coaching from a youth ministry veteran to help master and apply critical skills.
  • Classroom: In retreat-style, four times per semester, residents will be challenged to think theologically about ministry and empowered to create ministry programs that evoke deep, life-changing Christian faith. 
  • Church: Residents get hands-on experience in a local church where they serve 25 hours weekly as youth minister.
  • Care: Residents receive pastoral care and encouragement, empowering them to seek wholeness in their life. 


  • Distinct call to youth or children’s ministry
  • Ministry experience working with children or youth
  • Undergraduate degree 

General Overview of Job Duties: 

  1. Oversee the youth or children’s ministry program, providing strategic leadership to all weekly gatherings, monthly events, and regular trips.
  2. Recruit, train, and work with a volunteer Ministry Team to organize and implement the work of the ministry.
  3. Call on and meet regularly with youth and parents to involve them in the ministry.
  4. Publicize all events to the larger community. Make a special effort to get youth/children’s members and visitors involved in the ministry.
  5. Work closely with the staff, on calendaring and planning events to avoid scheduling conflicts.
  6. Participate in the weekly Staff Meetings, Ministry Team Meetings, etc.
  7. Ensure that Child Protection policies are observed with all volunteers and staff. Train volunteers annually on Child Protection policies.
  8. Develop the youth/children’s budget line items annually. Observe financial policies on expense reporting. Keep informed as to budget and fundraising accounts.
  9. Other duties as needed and agreed upon with the supervisor.
  • Assist in worship as scheduled.
  • Develop service and mission opportunities.
  • Create fellowship events for youth/children; retreats, off-campus events, parties, etc…


Theological Beliefs 

CYMT partners with congregations and individuals representing the theological views and  diversity of mainline Protestant Christianity. We partner with mainline Protestant denominations  including the United Methodist Church, Presbyterian (PCUSA), Cumberland Presbyterian,  Lutheran (ELCA), Episcopal, Disciples of Christ, American Baptist, and Cooperative Baptist  Fellowship. Our partner seminary is Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. 

Application Process: 

Apply online at 

  • Complete online application
  • Pay $50 application fee
  • Provide:  3 references (professor, ministry, personal), transcripts, photo, proof of insurance, complete  background check 

Application deadlines: 

January Term: October 1 Final Application Deadline

January Term Early Application Deadline 1:  June 1

Save $500 by applying early!

January Term Early Application Deadline 2:  August 1

Save $250 by applying early!

Fall Term Early Admission Deadline 1: November 15 

Save $500 by applying early! 

Fall Term Early Admission Deadline 2: January 15 

Save $250 by applying early! 

Fall Term Final: March 15 


Center for Youth Ministry Training Office: 615.823.7595 

Tiffany Malone, Recruiting Coordinator: 

The Center for Youth Ministry Training is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to equip  youth ministers and churches to develop theologically informed and practically effective youth  ministries. Learn more at 

Job Type: Full-time 


Organization name:
Center for Youth Ministry Training

Presbyterian Church USA


309 Franklin Rd, Brentwood, TN 37027


Date Posted:
June 3, 2022

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