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Full-Time Middle School Pastor Plus

Pastor to Students – Middle School Concentration

40 hours – Direct Supervision: Lead Student Ministries Pastor

The idea is to work in partnership with the Lead Student Ministries Pastor to shape the entire program together. Housing options on the property! Let’s DO this!

Detailed Description: 

Pastoral Care and Spiritual Growth

In partnership with Minister of Youth, minister to youth and families in transition/crisis

Support current students in outside activities

Develop effective means of reaching out to unserved students and families

Develop effective strategies for drawing visiting students and families deeper into the life and ministry of the church

Develop discipleship opportunities that increase students’ Biblical Literacy

Student Leadership Development

Assist in Recruiting, coaching and empowering the Student Leadership Team in partnership with the YM

Advocate for increasingly intergenerational opportunities for ministry across the church; including, but not limited to: intergenerational Bible Studies, an inclusive worship planning team, and youth representation on all major boards, committees and teams

Hold students accountable for upholding leadership and service responsibilities across the church as part of their participation in Leadership Class

Increase student leadership within youth program

Program Development

Wednesday Night Live: Middle School Mid-Week (MSM)

Intentional relationship building with students in the After-School Program as well as their parents

Seek to interact with students outside the office in programs such as Campus Thrive


Effectively communicate through all mediums with students, parents and congregation members including

  • Weekly website updates
  • Bi-weekly social media posts
  • The “Remind” app
  • Regular parent meetings
  • Sunday AM Bulletin advertisements
  • Sunday AM announcements,

Train on Shelby Arena to manage event registration, membership data, attendance records, and online payments

Collaborate with the Minister of Youth on any administrative details relative to the planning of retreats, trips, programs, small groups, weekly events and special events

Intern Program

Assist in recruiting candidates through Emory, Candler, and other resource pools to serve as

  • Fall and Spring/ Year Round Interns (YRTs – affectionately known as Yerts.)
  • CSIs (College Summer Interns)

Continuing Education

Attend two continuing education opportunities a year and demonstrate the new tools to the youth staff and/ or church staff


Organization name:
Cannon United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church


2424 Webb Gin House Road, Snellville, GA. 30078


Date Posted:
July 4, 2017

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