Female Student Ministry Associate Director

Position Summary

The Female Student Ministry Associate Director assists the Director of Student Ministries to lead a ministry that grows student’s love for Christ, His Word, and His Church. We want the ministry to students of CEPC to convey an increasing awareness of God’s love and provision for them as expressed in the Gospel. The Student Ministry Associate Director is critical to the long term success of this ministry in our church.

Position Requirements

Education: College graduate; previous experience working or volunteering with youth.

Knowledge: Commitment to the inerrant Word of God and an embrace of Reformed Theology; knowledge of ministry to middle and high school students; well informed about current adolescent culture and issues.

Strengths:  Passion for relationships; a desire to lead others to mature in Christ; excellence in both written and oral communication.

Responsibilities and Results

Result #1 The Director of Student Ministries has been assisted in planning and promoting all events in a way that the targeted number of youth participate.

Result #2 The Associate Director has known the names of every girl and her parents on the rolls.

Result #3 Inactive girls are regularly prayed for and appropriately contacted by the Associate Director.

Result #4 In conjunction with the Director of Student Ministries, ensure that a representative from CEPC Student Ministries has contacted each girl in the student directory at least quarterly.

Result #5 A representative from CEPC Student Ministries has made face-to-face contact with every girl on the student directory at least once a year.

Result #6 The Associate Director has been visible at student events once a week during the school year, and volunteer leaders have been invited to accompany her on those visits.

Result #7 Communication with parents has taken place, both written and in person, leaving avenues of communication open for concerns and suggestions.

Result #8 Girls who do not typically attend worship have been sought out and invited to sit with the Associate Director during the services.

Result #9 Exceptional and personal follow up to all first-time guests has happened within a week of their visit.

Result #10 The “in-between the cracks” needs of the student ministry have been handled in a professional and timely manner, including bulletin boards, photography, attendance, newsletters, Sunday bulletin and e-news announcements, forms, and registration materials.

Result #11 Mission trips for the Middle and High School students have been planned, and all parents know the details for such trips.

Result #12 Female volunteers have met with the Associate Director on a bi-monthly basis for coaching, discipleship, prayer, and encouragement.

Time Commitment: Full-time (40+ hours per week)

10-12 hours – Attendance at all youth activities (Youth Sunday School, City Group meetings, special events, and student leadership meetings.)

10-15 hours – Contact and relational work (one-on-one meetings, small group meetings attending sporting events at schools, etc.)

15-20 hours – Office time (staff meetings, mentorship meetings with Director of Student Ministries, administrative tasks, planning and preparing lessons, praying for students and events, event planning, shopping, maintaining general appearance of the youth building)

About CEPC

  1. What is the size of our church?
    1. Average worship attendance: 550
  2. What is the denomination of our church?
    1. Our church is currently transitioning from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) into the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). We anticipate being received into the PCA by April of 2019.
  3. What is the theological foundation of our church?
    1. CEPC recognizes the scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the inerrant Word of God, and embraces Reformed Theology as expressed in the Westminster Confession of Faith.
  4. What is the purpose and mission of your church in general and regarding youth ministry in particular?
    1. CEPC exists to make disciples who love Christ, His Word, and His Church through transformational community to impact Houston and the world. Likewise, our Student Ministry exists to help middle and high school students love Christ, His Word, and His Church.

To Apply

Send a copy of your resume to Patrick Fischl, Director of Student Ministries at CEPC, via email at patrick@cepc.org. He’ll send you an application to fill out. 


Organization name:
Christ Evangelical Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church of America


8300 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX, 77024


Date Posted:
February 11, 2019

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