Family Teacher

Job Title: Family Teacher 


Department: Residential Services


Employment Status: Full-time/ Regular/ Non-Exempt


Qualifications: A Christian with strong convictions who is also in agreement with White’s mission statement, Statement of Faith, and Code of Conduct. This person must be 21 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent. Bachelors in Human Services or related field preferred. The regular Family Teacher must function as a positive role model for residents.


Reports to: Residential Supervisor


Job Summary: Family Teachers can help youth learn to function in a home-like setting.  By example and teaching primarily using the Teaching Family Model (TFM) modality; Family Teachers can offer; healthy values, a safe and secure structured environment, and opportunities for relationship building.  Family Teachers will work as a full member of a treatment team for home of residents. Must demonstrate sensitivity to our service population’s cultural and socioeconomic characteristics and needs.  


Basic Responsibilities

  • Provide clear consistent home rules and daily routines for residents through the use of the TFM system.
  • Implement the TFM to fidelity through the use of complete teachings with an understanding of the theories that underlie TFM Core training, including: learning theory, motivation systems, and skills curriculum.
  • Participate in monthly TFM consultations to identify strengths and areas for growth in using the model.
  • Participate in yearly evaluations for certification as a Family Teacher.
  • Supervise student daily tasks/ activities; chores, laundry, homework, meal times, chapel, recreation, athletic games, etc. 
  • Work with treatment team members and general staff to develop, implement, and review resident’s treatment plans and quarterly reports. 
  • Counsel residents within the TFM skill scope: social, interpersonal relationships, personal hygiene, domestic skills, work habits, etc. 
  • Work with families of residents as requested by members of the treatment team.
  • Provide basic first aid for residents and keep necessary records of resident’s medical needs.  
  • Apply universal precautions procedures when exposed to bodily fluids.  
  • Accompany residents to medical appointments when necessary. 
  • Maintain home cleanliness (report all major maintenance problems). 
  • Provide recreation/activities for residents and walk residents to various campus facilities. 
  • Engage in conflict resolution, intervene in crisis situations, and physically restrain residents with trained technique when necessary. 
  •      Perform administrative functions: daily shift report, client progress note, order requisition, clothing records, student checkbooks, treatment work, IL logs, signature cards, signature bank book, etc.  
  • Promote a Christ-Centered environment within the home and campus setting facilitating and/or supporting Family Teacher facilitation of devotions in the home setting; support White’s Chaplain and/or Spiritual Life Director in campus Spiritual Life programming. 
  • Attend staff meetings, training, review boards, etc. 
  • Ensure the safety and well-being for youth (i.e. monitor medication including psychotropic medications, First aid needs, physical needs, bedding, diet, recreation, and emotional needs).
  • Prepare meals for the home as needed. (Sunday night, breakfast daily, and when the cafeteria is closed). 
  • Complete other duties as required by the Residential Supervisor. 


Skill, Supervision, Knowledge, and Ability 

  • This position requires a person to work independently. Family Teachers must be: organized, at work on time, willing to work additional shifts, and able to take on extra job responsibilities.
  • This person needs to enjoy working with other staff members and have the ability to get along in a community type environment.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license. 
  • Must be open to different styles of intervening with residents.  
  • A willingness to be involved in training and learning new ways to deal with residents.
  • Must demonstrate the needed skills to work with residents:  relationship building, structured, flexible, communication, assertiveness, genuineness, patience, balance of grace and truth, and composure in crisis situations.
  • Must be able to maintain professional boundaries and confidentiality.
  • Must be committed to the Mission, Core Values, and Vision of White’s Residential and Family Services.


Physical Demands of Position

  • Must be able to be on feet for extended periods of time, do significant walking, and actively supervise home recreation. 
  • Able to perform routine home maintenance and cleaning, planting flowers, painting, scrubbing floors, etc.
  • Apply the MindSet physical restraint techniques for residents who are in crisis (expected to meet the requirements of MindSet physical restraints).
  • Must have energy and stamina to work from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on a regular basis, if shift applies.       


Working Conditions

  • Work days will be scheduled on a two week cycle.  7AM-10PM or 2PM-10PM
  • Attend work regularly and be on time.
  • Flexibility in taking days off may be necessary.
  • Will work holidays as scheduled.


Organization name:
Josiah White's



5233 S 50 E, Wabash, IN 46992


Date Posted:
August 9, 2022

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