Family Pastor

Job Description:

Our church is looking for the right person to fill the Family Pastor position. This ideal candidate should possess a strong relationship with Jesus, is disciplined in personal Bible reading/studying, and has a rooted prayer life. Also, this person should have the ability to be moldable and align with the church’s overall vision and mission. To help fulfill this vision and mission of the church, this candidate should be able to take the principles of these two components and see this lived out through the Family Pastor role. This person should be comfortable with being “highly” relational and approachable. When families walk through the doors of the church, it should be clear that kids, youth, and young adults are cared for, loved, and celebrated.


  1. Oversight in leading the ministries of:
    1. College & Career
    2. High School
    3. Middle School
  2. Provide assistance and guidance to the children’s ministry (Infant through 6th grade) and other assigned ministries.
  3. Passionate about taking the Great Commission to our neighboring communities, such as Neighboring Schools, Neighboring Colleges, and Neighboring Families.
  4. Within these responsibilities, possesses the desire and ability to:
    1. Facilitate relationships with leaders, students, and young adults
    2. Recruit, train, develop, and lead ministry leaders.
  5. The ideal candidate should have a clear and concise vision for each ministry and a strategic process by which to achieve the desired results. (This could include one big event per month, organizing and leading small groups, hosting or attending conferences, creating & choosing curriculum, participating in camps, and leading mission trips).
  6. This process should integrate a healthy culture of disciple-making. The strategy should include celebrating benchmarks that clears a pathway for youth and young adults taking responsibility for their own relationship with Christ; while also inviting the involvement of parents and the spiritual development in their home.
  7. Oversee the teaching aspect of group time; with the candidate being a primary teacher.
  8. Participate and perform other functions as given by the senior staff.

Qualifications & Expectations

  1. Minimum 3 years of working in youth ministry and/or other youth type ministries (youth camps, CRU, etc.)
  2. Bachelor degree in Youth Ministry or related field highly recommended; graduate/seminary degree preferred.
  3. Committed to personal growth in their relationship with Jesus.
  4. Authentic with Christ and with others.
  5. Support the vision and mission of the senior staff by modeling them personally and corporately.
  6. Has shown the ability to recruit, train, and develop leaders.
  7. Lead small groups.
  8. Ability to communicate and show a servant’s heart.

Preferred Consideration

  1. Worship experience (praise band, etc.).
  2. Proven ability in being highly relational.
  3. Bi-lingual (i.e. Spanish).

To Apply

Please email a cover letter and resume to


Organization name:
Confidential Church Search



Sandusky, Oh


Date Posted:
November 4, 2020

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