Family Pastor

Mosaic Christian Fellowship in Northvale, NJ, is in search of their first Family Pastor. This new position will have a dual role of discipling parents while also leading the children’s ministry. They are looking for a leader to develop a strong vision to grow family and children’s ministries to take it to the next level.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Leading and creating vision for children’s ministry
  • Teach classes on discipleship, faith, child-rearing, etc., to parents
  • Lead young parents toward having gospel-centered families and parent the heart of their children
  • Creating and leading family groups
  • Counseling families

Skills you need to have:

  • A love for working in teams and seeing teams thrive more than individual success
  • Enthusiasm and energy that comes from an excitement to serve the Lord!
  • Spirit-led and prayerful in approach to ministry
  • Excellent team-building skills
  • An ability to teach and disciple parents in gospel-centered child-rearing
  • A deep love for children and a strong desire to see them grow to love the Lord
  • Seminary degree preferred

Northvale, NJ is a small-town suburb close to New York City where many people in the community work. Northvale is a family-based community with some of the best schools in America while being a safe place to live. They have one of the most densely populated Asian communities in the country and Mosaic Christian Fellowship started as an English ministry in a large Korean church. 

Does this sound like a place you’d like to serve? Apply below:


Organization name:
Mosaic Christian Fellowship

Presbyterian Church of America


Northvale, NJ


Date Posted:
November 5, 2020

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