Episcopal Chaplain

St. Francis House Student Center is seeking a full-time Episcopal chaplain to reboot a dormant ministry and reach hundreds of students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This individual sets the course and tone for St. Francis House, a spiritual home away from home that aims to be an oasis for young adults in an anxious world. Ideal for this role is a visionary focused on student care and community transformation. A connectional, detail-oriented, magnetic leader who has a passion for young adult faith formation and understands the intricate dynamics of serving in an academic environment.

This position currently reports directly to the Bishop, is supported by the St. Francis House Board, and supervises a part-time administrative assistant.

Primary responsibilities for the position include:

  • Fostering an open, welcoming, and affirming community of Christian fellowship and discipleship that is culturally aware, inclusive, and radically welcoming to all.
  • Developing and executing an annual calendar of events and opportunities that builds momentum and allows students to engage with faith-strengthening and community-building experiences.
  • Engaging and effectively involving volunteers as an integral part of the ministries.
  • Employing strategies for building and enhancing the reputation of St. Francis House on campus, in the community, and throughout the diocese.
  • Managing the physical environment and daily upkeep of St. Francis House.
  • Presenting and demonstrating a passion for the Gospel in ways that others find compelling, enabling them to live out the Gospel in their own lives.

Qualifications for this position are: 

  • Must be in good standing with the Episcopal Church and hold a working knowledge of the culture, structure, and expressions of the Anglican tradition. 
  • A Bachelor’s degree is required; a Master’s degree is desired, preferably in divinity or a related theological field. 
  • A passion for faith formation and a theology that celebrates and values all people.
  • Must exhibit spiritual maturity, self-awareness, and cultural competence across many dimensions of diversity.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and professionally to a variety of stakeholders
  • Demonstrated leadership skills with a strong, independent work ethic

Qualified candidates should send their resume along with a cover letter to renee.wilson@ministryarchitects.com.


Organization name:
St. Francis House Student Center

Episcopal Church


1011 University Ave, Madison


Date Posted:
May 25, 2021

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