Director of Youth Spiritual Development


The Director of Youth Spiritual Development will support and nurture the holistic spiritual well-being of
Covenant youth though Christian community. This position exists to offer soul care and spiritual
development for youth as they navigate adolescence.

The Director of Youth Spiritual Development will share the Good News of the Gospel to all persons, and
communicate the joy, justice, grace, and acceptance that following Christ brings. They will be
companions on the journey of faith as young people work to integrate spirituality with their emerging
sense of self and listen for God’s call where their “deep gladness and longing meets the world’s great
need.” This position is responsible for ministering to youth, supporting ministry done by youth, and
ministering to families of youth. It places an emphasis on developing Christian spirituality through active
participation by the youth and strong support and direction from the adult members of the congregation.

Essential Functions:
1. Regularly engage youth in spiritual formation and encourage growth in their relationship with
Jesus Christ, across various stages of development.
2. Develop strategies to nurture the holistic (spiritual, physical, social, and psychological) well
being of youth.
3. Plan for weekly engagement and community building with a diverse group of high school and
middle school youth in the Covenant community, which includes children of Covenant members
as well as youth in our area.
4. Collaborate openly with the Covenant Youth Steering Committee, the Youth Session liaison, and
pastoral staff.
5. Assist in worship services to support youth engagement in the life of Covenant Presbyterian
6. Participate in staff meetings and coordinate Youth Steering Committee meetings.
7. Organize and lead an annual Youth Sunday worship service.
8. Support youth participation in both youth-focused and Church-wide service opportunities.
9. Assist in the development of youth leaders and volunteers.
10. Abide by Covenant’s Guardian Ministry Policy.

Successful Performers:
1. Exhibit Christian love for youth and their families.
2. Create a safe environment that allows youth to be their authentic selves and build healthy
3. Treat all people with respect and dignity.
4. Embrace Christian disciplines and PC(USA) theology and polity.
5. Partner and work in concert with the gifts and talents of other staff members and church
community members to maintain a teamwork mentality.
6. Keep accurate records of youth information and respect confidentiality.
7. Maintain a positive, cooperative attitude in the workplace.
8. Manage time well, maximize productivity, and work within a budget.
9. Keep healthy boundaries and make proper and effective use of social media which reflects
positively on the Church.

1. Leadership experience with young people required; youth ministry or leadership in Christian
settings are preferred.
2. Knowledge of spiritual development from a Christian context.
3. A vision for and a demonstrated ability to execute programs within the parameters of the church.
4. Excellent written and verbal communication skills,
5. Experience leading through conflict and crisis management.
6. Excellent organizational and prioritization abilities.
7. Proven ability to work effectively with youth, diverse individuals, and teams of volunteers.
8. Bachelor’s degree in related fields preferred (youth ministry, psychology, child/ adolescent
development, education, etc.


Organization name:
Covenant Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Church USA


400 Lancaster Ave, Malvern PA, 19355


Date Posted:
September 6, 2021

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