Director of Youth Ministries

Please direct all resumes, questions, etc. to Bob MacReynolds.  The best email address is  Happy to have a brief introduction and provide some context on our church and this important role.


NPMC Director of Youth Ministry

Reports To: Senior Pastor


  • To oversee the development, growth, and direction of our Middle and Senior High School Ministry. This includes understanding where our kids are with their faith, where they want to go, and providing the content, guidance, and counsel to help each youth member continue to develop their relationship with Christ.
  • Design and implement a strategy for developing New Philadelphia Moravian Church as one of the premier churches in the area for Middle and Senior High Youth to reach their full potential in faith

Specific Job Duties:

  • Develop meaningful relationships with the Youth in our program. Serve as a leader, teacher, mentor, and role model.
  • Build and implement a system of recruitment for our youth programs, and then focus on helping our Youth with their development of faith.
  • Create and develop new and effective ways to reach Generation Z, and give them an opportunity to understand the great opportunities they have to grow their faith at NPMC.
  • Be a regular presence at Sunday morning worship services.
  • Understand the dynamics involved in retaining our youth and building their opportunities for involvement in a variety of church activities.
  • With the assistance of the Senior Pastor, align our Youth Programs with the vision of the Moravian faith so kids and their families have a consistent message about who we are as Moravians, and give them an opportunity to explore other fellowship and worship opportunities at our church.
  • Create opportunities for our Youth to engage with other members of the church among all generations. Foster an environment of unity, commitment to our church and its members, commitment as a whole to our faith in Christ, and commitment to the mission of the Moravian Church.
  • Other tasks as assigned by direct supervisor and Church Boards.

Desired Qualifications:

  • Experience leading a youth program in a faith-based organization, with demonstrated success building the program in numbers and effectiveness.
  • Experience developing and/or delivering faith-based curriculum for middle and senior high youth. This could include weekly bible study lessons, oversight of a growing and meaningful Youth Sunday School program or programming during the week, and group and/or one on one counseling with youth for the purpose of helping them grow their faith.
  • Understanding the foundations of a healthy and vibrant youth program, and ability to implement the recruitment and retention processes necessary for growth.
  • Experience working with Youth and their families on integration to a larger organization, church, or faith-based community.
  • The ability to manage confidential information, maintain the trust of everyone in the program, and work openly with kids and their families.
  • Outstanding listener, charismatic speaker and leader, and role model for the kids in our program and those visiting NPMC.


Organization name:
New Philadelphia Moravian Church



4440 Country Club Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27104


Date Posted:
November 22, 2021

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