Director of Youth Ministries

Profile of Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association
With roots in the Methodist tradition, Ocean Grove is the longest-active camp meeting site in the United
States, and since its founding in 1869 as an outgrowth of the nation-wide camp meeting movement, it has
developed into a diversified and dynamic year-round community. Ocean Grove’s rich history of Christian
witness spans nearly a century- and-a-half, yet the organization’s core mission remains: to be the seaside
community where all generations can know and grow in Jesus.
Ocean Grove accomplishes this mission by providing opportunities for spiritual birth, growth, and
renewal through worship, education, cultural, and recreational activities, all in a beautiful, seaside
setting. Special memories are made as old friendships are renewed, new friendships are created,
and friends and family share a season of fellowship and spiritual growth. When summer inevitably
comes to an end, believers return home refreshed and renewed in the power of the Holy Spirit,
having learned important faith lessons to carry them through the rest of the year and beyond.

The Challenge
The Director of Youth Ministries will be responsible for developing, coordinating, and
administering an effective and comprehensive ministry for the Children and Youth programs for
the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, and to their families, consistent with our mission
statement, “to provide opportunities for spiritual birth, growth, and renewal through worship,
educational, cultural, and recreational programs for persons of all ages in a Christian
seaside setting.” This person will be part of the Program Team, working alongside the director
and program assistant and will report to the Program Director. This ministry role will also work
collaboratively with the beach office manager and Chief Lifeguard to establish a vision and plan
for beach programming that reflects recreation and spiritual formation.
The Opportunity
As a committed follower of Christ, the ideal candidate should possess the background, core
skills, and experiences needed to create and sustain dynamic, externally focused and
transformative programmatic and worship opportunities for youth. He or she will responsible for
the planning and management of the programs and staff for Riptide/Thornley (ages 3 ½ to 11),
Children’s Church and Nursery: Sunday, The Current (Youth Worship Jr and Sr High), Breakfast
Club (ages 12 to 17), Freestyle (Jr. and Sr. High), Youth Dramatics (New Beginnings, Children’s,
and Teen Shows). The candidate will remain heavily engaged with the youth ministry team for
the purpose of team building and to measure/assess program effectiveness and growth in both
attendance and spiritual maturity. Additionally, he or she will work collaboratively with the beach
office manager and chief lifeguard to establish a vision and plan for beach programming that
reflects recreation and spiritual formation. Additionally, the candidate will recruit and train interns
during the off season for summer programming; and serve as role model / mentor by creating a
professional environment that promotes learning, growth and hands on opportunity to discern a
call for ministry.

The position requires approximately 40 hours per week in season including nights and weekends
from late spring to late-summer; 10 to 15 hours per month during the winter season (remote).
The candidate must hold a valid driver’s license and own a vehicle with insurance and safe
driving record. Housing is not provided and relocation expenses are not covered. Employment at
OCGMA requires a background check, finger printing and completion of the abuse training
program; as well as completion of application forms.

Position Responsibilities
Vision & Leadership
 Provide leadership and work collaboratively with the program chair and committee to
establish a sustainable model of youth ministry.
 Contribute to and collaborate with the various staff and volunteers for integrated,
meaningful, and intentional ways to connect the youth and their families to program and
worship opportunities for spiritual, birth growth and renewal.
 Build and train teams of youth and young adult volunteers to lead programming for
youth, fostering long term engagement between youth and adults. Maintain meaningful,
encouraging relationships with volunteers where volunteers feel equipped and valued.
 Facilitate a vision for the youth ministry working with the program committee, staff and
key volunteers to create a mission, and core values for the youth ministry.
 Develop personal relationships with youth by creating a welcoming, fun and inclusive
culture, being a friendly resource and positive role model, and providing spiritual
counseling and leadership that encourages young people to make a lifelong decision /
commitment to become followers of Jesus Christ. Additionally, develop close ties with
parents to support faith formation in the lives of their child/children.
 Identify, develop, and disciple youth leaders, creating opportunities for youth to be
involved in leadership roles within OGCMA.
 Track and follow up with visitors to all youth programs.
 Foster relationships with adults to develop a committed network of volunteers for the
youth ministry.
 Be responsive to the needs for of team members, parents, and constituents as a respected and trusted representative of the OGCMA.
 Oversee the spiritual formation, development, planning, and implementation of
comprehensive faith formation curriculum for the youth ministry.
 Work collaboratively with the program department and beach management to develop a
comprehensive and cohesive Christian formation plan for current youth beach
 Consistently seek out and or create opportunities for youth to be exposed to or
participate in activities with areas of OGCMA worship and programming.
 Communicate program information to youth, parents, and the larger OGCMA community
through a variety of media in a timely fashion, including social media, youth webpage,
and OGCMA calendar.
 Ensure that all areas of ministry are in full compliance with OGCMA standards policies,
as well compliance with all local, state and federal guidelines.
 Advertise, interview, reference check and hire a total of 6 summer youth interns.
 Oversee the hiring of qualified Christian workers by Supervisors in the Children’s and
Dramatics ministries.
 Consult regularly with Dramatics Director, Children’s Director and Children’s Church
Director for staffing, budget curriculum, planning and program development.
 Prepare the annual budget for children, dramatic and youth ministries in collaboration
with Program Director and Executive Director / COO.
 Oversee the budget compliance of each department to ensure that each department
and its leader stay within budget.
 Meet weekly with youth leadership team members for program planning, team building
and program assessment.
 Attend weekly staff and quarterly program committee meetings.

The ideal candidate should have a minimum of four years of experience in youth ministry. The Director should
exhibit high integrity, sound judgement, ability to handle challenging situations, with quick decision-making and problem-solving skills, grace under pressure, and a good sense of humor.
Key Characteristics
 Be in full agreement and committed to the mission and vision of the Ocean Grove Camp
Meeting Association and willingly abide the OCGMA code of conduct.
 A well-grounded and robust Christian faith and personal relationship with Jesus Christ,
with the ability to articulate it to young people.
 A demonstrated commitment to working with young people, parents, and volunteers in a
high-energy and dynamic environment.
 Outstanding leadership and relationship skills for educating, inspiring, and empowering
young people, teachers, volunteers, parents, and reaching out to newcomers.
 In-depth knowledge of the Bible and the ability to discern and express sound Biblical
interpretations and Christian theology.
 Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs.
 Bachelor’s degree or equivalent; a degree in youth ministry, Christian education, or
similar is especially welcomed.

Qualified candidates should email their applications to attention
Natalie Stewart


Organization name:
Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association

United Methodist Church


54 Pitman Avenue


Date Posted:
December 27, 2020

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