Director of Student Ministry

Job Posting: Director of Student Ministries

Highland Park United Methodist Church is a community of faith in Florence, SC that seeks to

follow and model Christ in all we do. We are praying and searching for the Director of Student

Ministries that God desires to serve with us as we are the hands and feet of Jesus to our

students and their families, our church, our community and the world.

You may be that person if…

  • You are passionate about and called to the ministry to students.
  • You have a proven track record of success/growth and have been equipped in ministry to students and their families.
  • You are considering a change and sense that God may be nudging you to take your next step in the local church ministry.

If so, does serving in the south where the hospitality and summers are strong and you get to

experience a healthy portion of the other seasons sound inviting? There’s no snow!

Does being a short drive from the beach and only a few hour’s drive to the mountains sound

like the best of both worlds?

How about serving alongside some passionate ministry staff and lay leaders?

If that’s not enough, how about the fact that we have just finished building a new Family Life Center which provides designated space for student ministry and other programs?

Did I mention that the cost of living is low and we offer a competitive compensation package?

If this has you leaning in, please check out the position overview and description laid out below. If

after reading that you believe we are describing you, please contact me at your earliest

convenience. Please provide your current email and any media samples of you teaching and/ or doing your thing in your current context.

Job Title: Director of Student Ministries

Job Type: Full Time (40 hours) with regular office hours including every Sunday

Reports To: Director of Families and Programs

Core Values: Must joyfully display God’s inclusive love for all

Must be dedicated to Christ and the Methodist Church

Must be compassionate and empathetic

Must be a team player with energy, enthusiasm, and initiative

Must show professionalism at all times

Requirements: Must have demonstrated ability to plan, organize, manage and implement ministry

Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills, conflict management skills and

computer/technology skills

Must successfully complete all required training and background checks

Position Description:

The HPUMC Director of Student Ministries should be an experienced leader willing to serve as a role model and champion of our students, while integrating youth ministry throughout the church. The preferred background for this position is a Bachelor’s degree in a ministry, programming or education related area OR a degree combined with 3 or more years of experience with leadership in church youth programs. Previous formal training with youth ministries is preferred but not required. Effectively growing our Student ministry programs is a key mission of our church and responsibility of this position. This role is chartered to lead that initiative. It is critical that this role continuously seeks new ways to attract and engage our Students. This includes not only the engagement of students within our congregation but also to find ways to reach out to the unchurched and marginally churched students in our community.

General Responsibilities:

Ministry to the Students and Student Ministry Leadership

  1. Actively lead students in carrying out the HPUMC Student Ministry Mission Statement: “Creating Spaces for students to encounter Jesus through impactful worship, and respond with service, and build community with one another”.
  2. Actively lead students in carrying out the United Methodist Mission Statement: To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
  3. Develop, promote, coordinate, and execute a balanced program of activities and discipleship ministry to students that includes service, worship, leadership, fellowship, and witness – including but not limited to Sunday School, HPSM Worship, Small Groups, Fellowship and Spiritual Life trips.
  4. Collaborate with the Student Ministry Team to ensure all plans are aligned with Team goals for student programming.
  5. Direct a meaningful curriculum of study for Middle and High school students to be presented and followed during church Sunday School hours
  6. Prepare and submit an annual calendar of events for all Student Ministry programming
  7. Prepare and set annual goals for Student Ministry programming
  8. Submit reports, as requested, outlining progress on programming goals
  9. Perform all administrative duties required to carry out activities and programming
  10. Recruit and train an active group of adults to serve in leadership and supervisory roles for all Student Ministry activities and programs
  11. Plan and schedule student leadership development activities
  12. Plan and schedule students and Student Ministry leaders in outreach activities designed to reach inactive Students or unchurched students


  1. Support church students in the school setting by scheduling regular visits to the schools during the school year for lunch, attendance at ceremonies or special events. 
  2. Support students and their families with help and visitation during times of crisis
  3. Support church students during extracurricular activities by attending activities such as sporting events, musical and dramatic performances
  4. Use all relevant means of communication/ social media to enhance communication with students and parents (website, Instagram, Facebook, text, email, bulletin boards, handouts, mail)
  5. Provide training and service opportunities for the students in church and/or at state and national levels.
  6. Assist in transitioning recent high school graduates to appropriate groups and classes as College/Young Adult members of the church.  Ministry to Parents and the Congregation
  7. Host an annual Parent Information meeting to educate parents about the goals and plans for the Student Ministry program
  8. Post and maintain consistent office hours to provide availability to parents, students, members of the congregation or interested non-members so that they can schedule or drop in to discuss any matters related to students.
  9. Attend and participate in weekly Sunday worship as well and have a visible presence in Sunday School for middle and high school classes.
  10. Be available to parents to discuss issues related to their children or student ministry in accordance with the safe sanctuary policy and within the confidentiality guidelines noted in the UMC Youth Ministries Handbook.
  11. Maintain open lines of communication with parents and the church body by providing regular news and updates of Student Ministry activities in the appropriate and designated manner (bulletin, email etc.)
  12. Make relevant Student Ministry announcements when appropriate to the congregation in all worship services on Sunday mornings 

Support of the Senior Pastor, Church Leadership and other Duties, as needed and assigned by the Senior Pastor

  1. Actively support the mission and vision of the Senior Pastor
  2. Engage in travel, when requested, for trips, retreats and overnight activities
  3. Keep records of student participation in all programs and activities
  4. Attend and participate in large church functions and ministries including but not limited to Sunday 

services, Holiday services, and church wide special events.

  1. Serve as an active member of Church Council
  2. Participate in monthly Student Committee meetings to provide feedback about program progress
  3. Plan a yearly budget and maintain accurate financial records for all Student Ministry accounts and stay within budget
  4. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Families and Programs.

For additional information contact Highland Park UMC at 843-662-1233 (ask for Mike Smith – Director of Family and Program Ministries) and send resumes to



Organization name:
Highland Park United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church


1300 Second Loop Road, Florence


Date Posted:
March 8, 2022

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