Director of Student Ministry

Hope Church

Director of Student Ministry

Ministry Description


General Description:

The primary purpose of this position is to partner with the Student Ministry staff to provide management and care to Hope’s students and families by overseeing programming and relational ministry to our Junior and Senior High students.  Hope Student Ministry is part of a church whole that desires to help students follow Christ beyond adolescence by helping them experience God’s love, taking steps to own their faith, and becoming a multiplying disciple.


Reports to:

Student Ministry Pastor – Jim Tinsley




  • Provide overall management for the creation and implementation of consistent programming outside of Sunday morning service and small groups that helps Hope Student Ministry achieve its vision.
  • Assist in providing overall management for our Sunday programming.  This includes organization, teaching, worship, curriculum development, and spiritual coordination for Sunday morning large group service, grades 7-12, and Sunday night small group gatherings.
    • Develop intentional Sunday programming experiences for students where they are encouraged to grow in their relationships with God, one another, and those outside of the faith.
    • Create age appropriate worship environments that teach students about how they connect with Christ and help them understand worship upon leaving our ministry.
    • Create a warm environment for any student that enters the room.  Work with Student Ministry staff to cultivate our desired culture.
    • Teach and structure the time in age appropriate ways so that students encounter Jesus, gain wisdom, and develop a character of trusting him as they are equipped to live out their faith.
    • Organize programming that ensures each student is connected to an adult leader.
  • Spend time each week intentionally discipling a consistent group of students.
  • Effectively and systematically use social media to engage students and parents throughout the week regarding a rhythm of connection to Christ.
  • Work with the Student Ministry staff team in the visioning and implementation of JH and HS student leadership teams.
  • Partner in the overall leadership and organization of youth ministry events (retreats, monthly events, service projects, summer trips).


Vision and Leadership

  • Work with the Student Ministry staff to evaluate and assess current strategies and develop new ones to carry out the vision for student ministry.
  • Work with the Student Ministry staff to equip, encourage, and train adult leaders and volunteers to ensure the effective implementation of ministry goals.
  • Recruit new leaders to serve within the student ministry at Hope Church.
  • Take part in personal training, equipping, and mentoring to meet individual goals for personal, professional, and spiritual growth.



  • Work with Student Ministry staff to evaluate and implement the current goals for student contact.  Along with the staff team, contact each student at least twice a year.
  • Provide personal follow-up to all visitors.
  • Spend time attending at least one student event per week during the school year.
  • Make yourself available to parents before and after programming.



  • Work with the Student Ministry staff to provide training, equipping, and resourcing of parents.
  • Partner with the Worship Arts staff to develop student leaders in the area of worship.
  • Work with the Student Ministry staff to create the budget for student ministry. Steward the money entrusted to us in a way that honors the church’s vision and people.


Preferred Qualifications

  • State a commitment to the doctrine, vision, and cultural expectations of Hope Church.
  • Experience and leadership within a student ministry or parachurch organization.
  • Bachelor’s degree in education, bible, ministry, or related field..
  • Ability to lead for results (organization, follow through, task orientation, delegation, leadership skills, etc) combined with a strong relational ability that lets others know they are valued.
  • Ability to work with a teachable, humble heart and a good attitude.
  • Healthy interpersonal skills.
  • Technologically capable (flyers, utilize social networking)
  • Enjoys the seed planting nature of investing in students’ lives and experiences joy in that journey.


For more information please contact: 

Jim Tinsley

Student Ministry Pastor

Hope Church






Organization name:
Hope Church

Evangelical Free Church of America


4934 Western Row Road


Date Posted:
May 26, 2020

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