Director of Student Ministry


To cultivate a community that helps every youth to respond to God’s call:

  • ●  By having a relationship with Christ through faith.
  • ●  By growing together in a compassionate and supportive community.
  • ●  By sharing God’s love with others.Specifics of the Role:
  • ●  Oversee the student ministry focusing on 6t​ h​-12t​ h​ grade students.
  • ●  Work with the Associate Pastor for Family Ministries to build out the vision for MVPCs studentministry.
  • ●  Recruit, equip, and encourage adult leaders to carry out the vision. Equip volunteers to be inrelational ministry to students. Lead and collaborate in partnership with volunteers, adult leaders,

    and student leaders, for all ministries.

  • ●  Engage students where they’re at both physically (i.e. their sporting events and plays) andspiritually (provide safe places to grow and mature their faith in Jesus Christ).
  • ●  Communicate effectively with parents and students through multiple means.
  • ●  Oversee the organization of retreats, special events, and mission trips.
  • ●  Collaborate with the Associate Pastor for Family Ministries to create ministries to and for parents.

Who the Director Needs To Be:

The Director of Student Ministry needs to be someone with a deep and growing faith in Jesus Christ, someone committed to partnering in nurturing youth, and who is intentional with personal prayer and Bible study. Gifted at relational ministry, the Director of Student Ministry is emotionally mature and has healthy boundaries with the students to whom she/he ministers. This director understands relational ministry and easily connects with youth and has an understanding of current youth culture. He or she is a builder and equipper of others, handing off ministry responsibilities, as volunteer leadership is equipped. He or she knows and humbly accepts his/her “growing edges.” The Director of Student Ministry attends worship and is periodically involved in worship leadership at MVPC.

Resume and Cover Letter can be emailed to

or mailed to Drew Hulse, 8050 E. Mountain View Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85258


Organization name:
Mountain View Presbyterian Church

ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians


8050 E. Mountain View Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85258


Date Posted:
April 13, 2020

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