Director of Student Ministries

Director of Student Ministries

New Covenant Anglican Church Winter Springs, Florida, United States

Church Size: 200

Job Description: New Covenant Anglican Church ( is a Christ centered, multi-generational church in Winter Springs Florida. We see ministry to students as an essential aspect of our ministry as a parish and a powerful opportunity to disciple individuals at a crucial season in their lives. We also recognize the significance of students’ families, both those who already follow Christ and those who are just coming to know Jesus Christ. Our Director of Student Ministries will equip our newly arriving and current parents to raise their students in the good news of Jesus Christ and model forward-facing discipleship to students as they personally embrace and grow in their own faith. This person will champion student discipleship that focuses on experiencing the good news of the Gospel through biblical literacy, whole-life formation, and a Great Commission vision in the framework of a local church. This person will also serve the parish in communicating the good news and parishcommunications through internal and social media platforms utilizing strategies that connect our current and future members, particularly those far from Christ and in the next generation.

1. Is a baptized follower of Jesus Christ and desires to minister in a parish setting,
particularly to students and their families inside and outside our parish.

2. Displays Christian character and maturity that is worthy of emulation and can serve as a healthy model for students and their families.

3. Is passionate about the opportunities of the Great Commission both locally and globally, with compassion and experience in ministry to those still far from God.

4. Ability to clearly communicate the Gospel to others and teach effectively to a variety of ages.

5. Is knowledgeable about video production and social media platforms and comfortable leading int hose venues.

6. Prior experience leading student ministries or teaching in a school or camps etting.

7. Organized and works well with other people, with demonstrated ability to build a teama nd utilize a diversity of gifted individuals.

8. Able to connect well with both students andfBamilies, with flexibility and compassion towards a variety of family situations and perspectives.

9. Values ministry done with and by students, with demonstrated success in developing, sharing, and celebrating ministry tasks with students.

10. Successful working with students in a variety of settings, including large group gatherings, small group study or service events and mentoring conversations.

11. Appreciates the opportunities and limitations of social media and has a proven
record of cultivating a constructive, engaging online culture.

12. Is familiar with and appreciative
of the rhythms and dynamics of liturgical worship and the Church Year.

13. Personally affirms the Nicene Creed and feels at home within a three streams expression (Evangelical, Sacramental,
and Charismatic) of Christian faith with an Anglican identity (BCP 1662, 39 Articles of
Religion) 14. Values scripture for themselves and has facility in cultivating biblical literacy and engagement with learners of varied exposure and knowledge. 15. Values the insights of adolescent development experts and engages in developmentally appropriate practice.

16. Advanced study of scripture and adolescent development is valued.

Position Overview:

1. Our Director will be a leader in conversations about how to best connect and reach students and their families both onsite and online. They will shape development of strategies for both venues as
well as selection of curriculum, resources for special events and connection with other parish ministries.

2. Our Director of Student Ministry will oversee and direct ministry to students grades 5-12 and their families both in-person and online. Weekly gatherings for students and opportunities for small group learning and experiences would be expected, including retreats, mission trips etc.

3. Our Director will oversee volunteers for all student ministries. This includess cheduling, ordering curriculum, facilitating planning and training, meetings and preparing materials prior to meetings.

4. On Sunday morning and online, be comfortable and skilled as the face and leader of the parish’s outreach to students and their families.

5. Work with the church staff to include students in the worshipping life of the church.

6. Create connections and curate resources for parents to grow in confidence as disciple-makers within their families and community. This would include regular written, verbal, and personal communication to strengthen community and scaffold spiritual growth in a variety of age-appropriate ways.

7. Work with our staff team to post and publish online content for the church and its ministries, developing an overall strategy and timelines for communicating, attracting and engaging the community with the good news of Jesus Christ through the parish.

8. Our Director will serve in a peer relationship with other church staff and will report to the Rector.

Hours and Compensation:

1. This is a full-time position. Sunday morning presence is essential, as are scheduled Student and Family Ministry events. Weekly staff meeting. Other weekday hours are generally flexible and can be adjusted with Rector. Salaried role will be negotiated to between 30-40 hours on
average each week.

2. Compensation- Salary and Health Insurance upon hiring with Retirement
contribution after one year. Salary based upon qualifications and experience. If you would like to apply for this position, please submit a cover letter and resume to


Organization name:
New Covenant Anglican Church

Anglican Communion


800 Tuskawilla Road, Winter Springs, FL 32708


Date Posted:
September 15, 2022

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