Director of Student & Digital Ministry

Main Purpose:

This is a full-time position where the working time is about 60 percent Student Ministry and 40 percent Digital Ministry.  This individual will be responsible for the oversight and vision of the student ministry at Refton BIC, as well as managing our church website, assisting the lead pastor with creating online content, and managing the technology needs of the church.

Core Qualifications:

  1. Committed to following Jesus with a clear calling to ministry
  2. Must be excited about the vision of Refton BIC Church and committed to fostering that vision within the student ministry and technology departments
  3. Must thrive in a team-based environment. This individual must be excited to be an integral part of the Refton BIC staff team through sharing their ideas, and giftedness.  They also must be self-motivated to accomplish set goals
  4. Demonstrate leadership with a willingness to learn, grow and be flexible
  5. Must align with the Brethren in Christ values and doctrines
  6. A degree that is focused on biblical studies from a Christian college is required; previous ministry experience is not required

 Relationships and Term of Office:

  1. Responsible to the Lead Pastor
  2. Hired by the Lead Pastor with the approval of the Refton BIC Church Board
  3. Will be evaluated annually by the Lead Pastor
  4. Will participate in church staff team meetings
  5. Party wishing resignation will give a three-month notice

Job Expectations:

Director of Refton Student Ministry [RSM]

  • Lead Wednesday Night Student Ministry
    Teach weekly, biblical lessons that are faithful to the text and applicable to life as a teenager. Answer faith questions from the teens.  Teach the teens how to share their faith and provide them with opportunities to do so.
  • Work with adult and student leaders
    Develop and work with a team of adult and student leaders. Be able to delegate responsibilities within youth events.  Provide training opportunities for adult and student leaders.
  • Work with parents
    Keep parents informed of upcoming events and what is happening within RSM. Provide training opportunities as needed.
  • Work with church staff
    Be able to work in a team-based environment.
  • Keep up with the church website and social media
    Utilize our church website and social media outlets to keep people informed and to stay connected.
  • Be involved with the students, leaders, parents and community
    Create experiences to hang out with the students that are in accordance with our church safety policy. Keep in close contact with the adult leaders.  Support and inform parents.  Be willing to meet and be introduced to other youth pastors in our surrounding communities, forming bonds and potentially working with them for the cause of Christ.

Director of Digital Ministry [Technology / Internet Content]

  • Maintain the church website and app
    Keep the website updated with sermons and Refton BIC events. Add announcement and emergency posts.  Train capable ministry leaders to add their own content to the church website and app.  Be open to researching and implementing better website and app options if the opportunity or need arises.
  • Work directly with the lead pastor to create online media content
    Be able to produce quality online content for our church website and social media. This includes video/audio/image production and editing.
  • Work with church staff and other ministry leaders
    Make sure that the technology needs of the church staff and other ministry leaders are met. Assist them with research and implementation of church apps and programs [ex: Planning Center].  Help with any PC related questions or issues from the church staff.
  • PC upgrades and updates
    Responsible for PC hardware and software upgrades/updates within our church.
  • Work to resolve PC / network / cloud / video surveillance issues if they arise
    Ideally you would be able to resolve the minor issues that come up, but you would also be able to work with Comcast, our website host, domain provider, or other tech companies if serious issues occur.


Organization name:
Refton Brethren in Christ Church

Brethren in Christ


110 Church Street, Refton PA, 17568


Date Posted:
October 2, 2019

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