Director of Student and Emerging Generations

Church Mission: Make flourishing disciples of Jesus
Ministry Area: Emerging Generations (middle school through young adult)
Position Purpose: The purpose of this position is to create a community that pours into the next generation of Christ followers – empowering them, teaching them, equipping them, and loving them as a family on mission together. This begins with middle school and high school students and their families but can only be realized with heartfelt involvement of young adults.

Position Description:
Middle School and High School Ministry (85%)
Make Disciples – The Director will seek to align everything he or she does around the mission of Bonhomme Church, which is to make flourishing disciples of Jesus.
Disciple Students Through Leaders – the Middle School and High School ministries function through the work of dedicated parent teams and volunteer leaders.
Part of a Team – The Director will be a key part of the church staff and as such will collaborate and support that team, and ensure the ministry aligns with other programs of the church.
Plan ahead and Plan to Have Fun – The Director position is a relational AND administrative position; therefore, the Director will be able to see projects through from start to finish and can manage “details.”
Culture Shaper and Legacy Maker – The goal is to create a program that can flourish and a culture that continues even if the Director role changes hands.
Leverage Parents and Love Families – The Director position requires loving and supporting parents and families and turning them loose in the ministry.

A concise list of responsibilities includes, but is not limited to, the following:
1) Build Christ-centered relationships with youth at every level, modeling personal discipleship and mentoring
2) Hire, supervise, coach and lead the Student Ministry interns
3) Recruit, train and direct adult volunteer leaders
4) Build and unleash parent leadership teams to do the work of ministry
5) Plan and execute mid-week and Sunday High School programming
6) Plan and execute mid-week and Sunday Middle School programming
7) Plan meaningful retreats, mission trips, and local missional service opportunities, including:
a.) Fall retreat b.) Winter retreat c.) Middle School Summer camp d.) High School Summer camp
8) Plan and execute summer activities (mid-week and Sunday)
9) Plan and coordinate Trivia Night and/or other fundraising events
10) Coordinate the confirmation process in partnership with the Associate Pastor and the confirmation team.
11) Involve students in the ministry of the church as a whole, supporting and participating in the church’s vision, worship services, missions, and activities

Unleashing Interns (15%)
1) New to this position is the expansion of ministry responsibilities to include the development of internships for young adults approximately ages 18-25. Within 6 months of taking on this role the Director will work closely with the Associate Pastor of Discipleship to plan and launch this internship program. The position requires creative thinking and problem solving, creating and casting vision, long term planning, leveraging teams, and ultimately the hiring of qualified interns or residents.

Within 12 months of launching the program most, if not all, of the below should be happening:
a) The program has a compelling vision that outlines a long-term growth and sustainability plan for interns or residents.
b) 2-4 interns are in place and led effectively by the director and are themselves leading the student ministry.
c) The existence of a group of 5-10 high capacity volunteers as a core ministry team to develop this program.
d) Weekly relational investment, and learning provided to the interns.
e) Networking and connections made with local ministries, colleges, and seminaries.
f) The early signs of a next gen culture that establishes continuity in the program year to year.
g) Ideally, the existence of a community of young adults birthed out of the internship program.

Since the Director of Emerging Generations plays a major role in the faith development of the younger members of the church, both as a leader and an example, it is expected that this professional leader will love Jesus and love teenagers. The applicant must have a solid understanding of the foundations of the Christian faith, possess a vibrant faith in Jesus as personal Lord and Savior, be able to communicate the Gospel in imaginative and compelling ways to students, and embrace the mission and vision of Bonhomme Church.
Therefore, the ideal candidate will:
• Live an authentic Christian life devoted to the Gospel with a clear calling to youth faith development
• Have a college degree in a related field and evidence of continuous learning
• Have a minimum of three years of full-time ministry experience in an unambiguous leadership position in student ministry
• Have a clear track record of collaborative, strategic leadership
• Have experience in the Presbyterian model of governance and leadership

Reports to: Associate Pastor of Discipleship

Send Resume to Robby Cella at with subject line, “Student Ministry Position.”


Organization name:
Bonhomme Presbyterian Church

ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians


14820 Conway Rd, Chesterfield, MO 63017


Date Posted:
November 29, 2020

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