Coordinator of Youth Ministries and Epiphany House Missions

About the Position

This role is envisioned as a hybrid role to support two distinct needs our church is facing. First, the purpose is to equip and encourage middle-school and high-school aged young people to serve one another, the congregation, and Rayne’s broader community as Christ’s disciples. To develop and implement youth ministry efforts and mission plans that Rayne’s youth and their families have opportunities to grow in godly wisdom, grace, peace, and justice.

Additionally, in the last three years Rayne purchased the adjacent property at 3924 St Charles Ave property, and we face the blessing of proliferating ministries – more gatherings for special events, more small group and recovery meetings, more requests for facilities use, and more chances to connect with our broader community to shine the light of God’s love and grace. With these joys come a commensurate number of challenges: how best to oversee and manage effectively the utilization of space, as well as communicating with the “anchor church” (i.e., Rayne’s congregation) about the happenings in and around the Epiphany House.

The estimated breakdown of time per task is 20-25 hours per week for youth ministry and 10-15 hours per week for Epiphany House missions.

The Coordinator of Youth Ministries and Epiphany House Missions reports to the senior pastor and/or the associate pastor for spiritual and ministry/missional guidance. The coordinator submits to an annual evaluation and shares strengths and growing edges of the position. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Work in concert with the gifts and graces of other staff members to maintain a healthy teamwork model. Attend weekly staff meetings, quarterly church council meetings, monthly youth ministry team meetings, and monthly property and trustees meetings. Most meeting are on Mondays. In connection with the larger team of ministry at Rayne, the coordinator is also responsible for and subject to local church policy as determined by the Charge Conference, the senior pastor and the SPRC.
  • Advocate for youth and educate our congregation about their hopes, concerns, and needs in our church, as well as in our community. 
  • Help, plan, develop and implement a balanced youth ministry – group building, worship, discipleship, mission and outreach. Sundays offer substantial timeframes for incarnational ministry – the coordinator will be present to share in the ministry of Rayne.
  • Support and guide the youth ministry team in an annual process of envisioning and goal-setting for the youth ministry area; directing a monthly planning session with such team. 
  • Mentor youth in discipleship and utilize their gifts and graces for ministry and mission.
  • Plan and lead one youth mission trip per year (usually in the summer). 
  • Recruit and train volunteers who serve with youth in all aspects of the youth ministry; ensure that the child protection policy (i.e., Safe Sanctuary) is observed in all youth ministry settings. 
  • Record the activities of the youth ministry and the participation of youth; manage the budget for youth ministry. 
  • Coordinate Sunday school curriculum for youth (grades 6 – 12) and, in participation with the children’s ministries director coordinator, facilitate an annual Confirmation class; provide leadership for confirmands, teachers, mentors, and parents beyond the class sessions. 
  • Because Mardi Gras represents a vital time of connection with our broader community, the director will develop and implement a plan for the portapotty ministry and will serve with youth and other volunteers during the days of parades. 
  • For the Epiphany House, help coordinate facility activities including: 
    • property maintenance
    • capital improvements
    • organizing landscaping
    • coordinating cleaning (before/after events)
    • acquiring furnishings and fixtures
    • coordinating events
    • communicating facilities’ uses
    • communicating mission/ministry fruitfulness
    • coordinating Rayne’s participants in use of home
    • coordinating community members in use of home
    • providing onsite support during events
    • troubleshooting 
    • serving as liaison with church staff team and leadership

Required Qualifications and Experience

The coordinator must appreciate and honor an ethic of inclusion for all youth; s/he shall develop a vision and a demonstrated plan for youth ministry; s/he must possess a proven ability to serve effectively with youth, diverse people, and teams of volunteers. Additionally, as Rayne’s ministry to youth and their families has grown, the coordinator is tasked with developing the quality of ministry with youth and growing the quantity of those involved in the ministry area. The director, therefore, is more than a manager of the youth ministry, but will be encouraged to assert entrepreneurial skill in order to expand the scope and size of the ministry area.

Additional skills needed include:

  • organizational skills and interpersonal relationship giftedness
  • written and spoken communication
  • flexibility to be present onsite as needed
  • facilities management and mechanical understanding
  • receive direction from administrative assistant and/or pastor and associate pastor


  • Flexible work environment
  • Full-time, salaried position
  • Compensation commensurate with experience
  • This position does not provide additional benefits at this time

About Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church

The historic Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church, with its unique and lovely Gothic-revival architecture, built in 1875, has had for 139 years, a strong and active ministry in the heart of uptown New Orleans. Because of its tall, graceful spire illuminated at night, she has become known as “The Church of the Lighted Steeple.”  Committed to a ministry of “open hearts, open minds, open doors,” Rayne welcomes all regardless of race, class, gender, or sexual orientation and is a Reconciling Congregation.


Organization name:
Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church

United Methodist Church


3900 Saint Charles Ave. New Orleans, LA


Date Posted:
November 4, 2019

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