Children’s Pastor

The Children’s Pastor is responsible for overseeing the entire children’s ministry to ensure a smoothly operating, safe and, effective program. The Children’s Pastor will recruit and train leaders who will touch children’s lives with God’s love, teach them God’s Word and provide fellowship with God’s people – laying a foundation that will keep children interested in the things of God and involved in church.

Accountable To: Pastor

Ministry Target: Children (ages 4 to 11)

Position Is: Paid $75.00 per week

Position May Be Filled By: Qualified Person

Spiritual Gifts: Administration, Evangelism, Pastor/shepherd

Talents or Abilities Desired: Good organizational skills, Ability to motivate people, Good communicator, Heart and passion for children

Best Personality Traits: Dependable, Expresser-leader


  • Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: four to six hours a week depending on activities planned and other meetings scheduled
  • Participating in meetings/training: 1 hour per week
  • Service times are on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.


  • Participate in training opportunities as offered.
  • Oversee and coordinate all aspects of the children’s ministry.
  • Organize training and planning sessions for children’s leaders/workers.
  • Screen children’s workers and leaders before placing them in ministry.
  • Approve of disapprove workers and leaders for service in the children’s ministry.
  • Investigate any complaints regarding children’s ministry workers. Discuss complaints/problems with workers when warranted. Document and report serious matters to the pastor and proper authorities.
  • Approve all children’s ministries programs, curricula, activities and disbursement of funds for supplies and projects, keeping within budgeted amount.
  • Work with children’s church leaders to plan weekly programs and participate as needed.
  • Lead Children’s Church on Sunday morning weekly
  • Lead Outreach to children in the area surrounding the church
  • Lead Van Ministry to transport children to and from church services
  • Serve on the local church’s Discipleship Ministry Council
  • Be available to counsel and pray with children regarding spiritual matters.
  • Pray for the children and children’s ministry workers.

Please send resume and cover letter to

Applicants will be subject to a police background check. This is a safety precaution for the children’s sake.


Organization name:
The Message Community Church



1008 Moose Road Kannapolis, NC 28081


Date Posted:
February 16, 2022

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