Children’s Pastor

Suncrest Christian Church in St. John, IN, is in search of their next Children’s Pastor. They are looking for someone to step into this role with the goal of building a culture where children mature into living like Jesus. The Children’s Pastor serves as the catalytic vision-caster for Kids’ Ministry and the Team Leader for Children’s paid staff, coaches, leaders, and contributors in kids serving teams. A key responsibility for the person in this role is leadership development and
setting and affirming an outstanding leadership culture.

What you’ll be doing:
– Encourage children to cross the line of faith
– Develop a culture of active partnership with parents
– Firm up strategy for in-person and digital children’s ministry
– Bring kid’s team into alignment with other ministry areas
-Speak into preliminary preparations for new facility and scope of ministry
– Build a Children’s Ministry culture where students mature into living like Jesus (living out “the 4 C’s” in real rhythms)

Skills you need to have:
– A love of children and a desire to see them grow in their faith
– Good communication skills
– Coachable
– Social media skills
– Leadership experience

Located in the northwest corner of Indiana, St. John is close to Chicago, where the advantages of living near a world-class city are coupled with a great neighborhood lifestyle. Lower taxes, great house values, beautiful common spaces, and outstanding public and private schools make living in St. John a desirable pursuit. Over the last few years, St. John and the surrounding areas have established a dynamic where nearly everything you are looking for is now convenient. The Dunes, Lake Michigan, boating, and vistas are all within a short drive. Northwest Indiana has great neighborhoods, great schools, AND great Chicago-style pizza!

Does this sound like a church in which you’d like to serve? Apply here:


Organization name:
Suncrest Christian Church



St. John, IN


Date Posted:
March 12, 2021

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