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Campus Student Minister


Position: Campus Student Minister

Ministry Area: NewGen, Students

Reports to: Student Director

Supervises: Serve Staff

Classification: Full Time


To build a community that seeks to Glorify God by leading the New Generation to surrender their lives to Jesus, by making disciples of the New Generation to come through relevant and engaging ministry to students.

Key Responsibilities

  1. 6:22 @ at the Eleven22 campus level
    1. Oversee/Run/Teach Wednesday nights at the campus level
    2. Set the Strategy based on guidelines for Worship, Groups, After Party
    3. Contribute to Teaching Team, monthly (Central)
    4. Engage students, Serve Staff
    5. Implement Eleven22 Students Next Steps plan @ the campus level
  2. Serve Staff
    1. Care for Serve Staff @ the campus level
    2. Consistently communicate (Including Lead Small App) with Serve Staff @ the campus level
    3. Recruit Serve Staff & Leads @ the campus level
    4. Implement and create training to equip Serve Staff
  3. Student Connections & Next Steps
    1. First Time/Second Time- Send Letters, give out shirts, collect info,
    2. Develop Students to reach their schools
    3. Attend school lunches, sports, and other events for local Schools
    4. Follow up with students who surrender, want to get baptized, need care or prayer
    5. Implement plan to engage new students, invest & invite
    6. Create environments outside Wednesday/Sunday for fun and serving
  4. Other Responsibilities
    1. Be at weekend services for care, response, and student ministry needs
    2. Facilitate Mix 56 @ the campus level
    3. Partner with Parents for discipleship @ the campus level
    4. Assist in pulling off Big Events for Students & Eleven22
    5. Facilitate Student Leadership program @ the campus level
    6. Lead Interns and/or other Staff based on location size

Key Environments

  • Wednesday Nights
  • Retreats, Camps, Mission Trips, other events
  • All Student Team Meetings/Brainstorms
  • Duval/St. Johns Schools

Measurements of Success

  • Model the Church of Eleven22’s mission, purpose, and core values.
  • Making of Disciple-making disciples.
  • Efficiently meets deadlines & manages budget.
  • Development of Student Ministry Serve Staff.
  • Anticipate needs, implement vision & values of Student Ministry @ campus level
  • Win Students to Jesus


Organization name:
The Church of Eleven22



14286 Beach Blvd. Jacksonville


Date Posted:
August 27, 2018

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