Business Development Associate

Business Development Position Commission Only paid on results 48k-112k/yr


Destiny is looking for a Commission only Business Development Associate


About Us:

We are a High growth Fin-tech startup teaching Christians leaders how to Make Money, Travel & have Fun Scaling their wealth to 1M+


Our Website:


Our Vision:

Premier High Income TrainingWe provide premier High Income training and resources so that Christians everywhere can easily aim for a ideal vision for their life and create it.


Kingdom CultureWe are people who come together to collaborate, laugh, work & play while solving the worlds toughest challenges. People like you and me that come together and invent the next generation of businesses, that create societies of abundance, that create harmony between God, people, technology, and nature.


Empowered Destiny 
We empower eachother and live in a way that produce’s the greatest fulfilled, happy & successful people the world has ever seen. We see a world where everyone knows no matter what circumstance they are born into they are the makers of their fate and who know that they can do all things through Christ.


What we do:

We are building an online investment training system to help people master wealth. Our system uses courses & collaborative group mastermind trainings to help people learn what they want and need to earn, save, and invest to build wealth. Specifically we ask people to write in detail their vision for their ideal life. We then identify how they want to earn wealth and equip them with the skills to build their dream job or company.


About the Job:

You’ll be on a team of 5 members to meet shared and individual goals which grow Your skills and the company. You will report directly to the CEO and then to our VP of sales.


Your Daily Responsibilities in order of priority are:

Attending morning and evening team training

  1. Execute demos to warm leads
  2. Followup to Close People You Already Pitched
  3. Qualifying/Rescheduling leads
  4. Prospecting – Generating New Leads through LinkedIn, FB, IG and any other platforms.


Day in the Life of a SalesPerson:

  • Show up and have coffee & increase your energy during the morning team meeting
  • Recite your 4 priorities(listed above)
  • Run through your script with your team a few times.
  • Conduct morning demos if you have any
  • Message, Email and call to Follow up (people that you gave demo’s, but didnt close)
  • Message, Email and call leads that cancelled or didn’t show up (book new appointments)
  • Book new Demo’s through Messaging on LinkedIn, FB, IG and any other platforms


Specifically, this awesome role includes (and may not just be limited to):

Learning Business, Sales and Marketing Skills through video and hands on training. As well as group team building activities.


You will Learn How to:

  • Make 48k-112k+ through commission sales
  • Understand customers, product, and business strategies
  • Lead customer growth engine’s to achieve revenue targets and fuel growth
  • Collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams
  • Clearly communicate performance, strategy, and vision
  • Strategy of Preemminence


Number of positions available:



You will be a great fit if:

You have Solid Values, Work Ethic, and Communication. Plus you are willing to put your full attention for 6-8 hours per day towards bettering yourself and Generating new business while Living By Our Company Values: Client Centered, Courageous, Preeminent, Denters of the Universe/Inventor-Innovators + our 14 leadership Principles


Useful Skills – not required

Basic knowledge of Excel or google sheets

Competitive sport or academics experience

Experience/Degree in Finance, Marketing or Business or Tech

Quick learning and creative problem solving ability



48k-112k/yr Commission Only paid on results

Unlimited time off

Work from home

Fast track career advancement training for upper management

Daily peak performance & Wealth Mastery Training

A team & culture that supports you and wants to see you succeed

Fully Paid Team Vacations


Apply Now By: 

Booking an Interview:

& Emailing Your Resume To: 


Organization name:



Denver, CO 80211, United States


Date Posted:
July 22, 2021

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