Branch Ministry Director

Crossroads Farm is a cooperative, outsourced, rural youth ministry. In regions where many churches have 50 or fewer attendees, Crossroads partners with the local churches to love the rural teen, providing outreach and ministry training opportunities while coming alongside them for more effective growth. Working at Crossroads is more than working with one church or one neighborhood, it’s reaching entire counties. We are looking for highly motivated and skilled youth workers passionate about bringing the Gospel to students in rural America and ready to invest long term.


As the Ministry Director, you are responsible for your area of influence at your branch including day-to-day operations and the creation and implementation of strategic plans. Your role touches a breadth of relationships including, but not limited to students, volunteers, pastors, parents, and donors.


  • Work with the Administrative Director and program staff to plan weekly program, quarterly outreaches, summer trips, and retreats
  • Serve as the main weekly communicator
  • Recruit, lead and train a team of volunteers
  • Pour into students and pour into a student leadership team
  • Build relationship with and pour into pastors of your partner churches
  • Put together and build into a Board of Advisors
  • Establish and raise an annual budget through support raising and donor relationships
  • Follow-up with and disciple students

Personal Qualities

“As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.” Ephesians 4:1

  • The Ministry Director must be a person of integrity, given to the pursuit of a personal relationship with God through Christ. They must be committed to the Word of God as the source of spiritual wisdom and continual prayer
  • If married, the Ministry Director must place a strong priority on the sanctity of the marriage. He or she (if with children) must be committed to providing a godly home for his or her children. He or she should be committed to regular attendance and involvement in a local church
  • The Ministry Director should be faithful, available, respectful and teachable
  • The Ministry Director should be in agreement to the doctrinal statement of Crossroads Farm
  • The Ministry Director represents Jesus Christ and Crossroads Farm at all times
  • The Ministry Director should be willing to come alongside other Crossroads Farm personnel in areas of need as a member of the CRF team, even if those duties fall outside their job description

Required Skills

  • Must have at least an associate’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Must have 3 years of full-time ministry experience
  • Must be a capable communicator, able to delegate and administer authority and desirous of mentoring young persons in their pursuit of Jesus
  • Should possess creativity, direction and clarity when developing and assisting ministry programs

Location: We are currently looking for a Ministry Director for our branch in Hillsdale County, Michigan.


All staff at Crossroads Farm raise support to serve as missionaries to rural America. Support goals are set based on experience, geographical multipliers, number of family members, and health benefits. Final salary packages will be determined by the HR department and presented to applicants.


  • Health Insurance – An employee may raise additional support to cover health insurance premiums. The extent of individual or family health care is determined by each employee
  • Retirement Account – An employee may raise additional support for pre-taxed retirement contribution of up to 5% of one’s gross income
  • Ministry Expense Account – An employee may raise additional support for job related expenses including but not limited to books, sporting events with students, meals with students, computer, gas/mileage reimbursements, training, conferences, communication with ministry partners, ministry travel expenses, etc.
  • Dependents – Employees are allowed to raise an additional stipend pending family size.
  • Vacation – Each Crossroads Farm employee is allotted a set number of vacation, itineration, and sick days

Next Steps: If you are interested, we would love to talk to you! Please email with your resume and we will contact you with more information and next steps.


Organization name:
Crossroads Farm



5520 W Card Rd


Date Posted:
January 11, 2021

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