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Associate Pastor/Director of Youth and Children

Trinity Church in Morton, Il., a church that was born out of the Charismatic Revival in the mid 70’s with a group of people who committed to God and one another to live as practically and powerfully as they could according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  With a commitment to the message of salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ and the Baptism of Holy Spirit, we have continued to vibrantly grow as a body of believers who have impacted the region spiritually, emotionally and physically.  Trinity is a passionate body of believers who prioritize the Presence of God in all that they do.  We are captivated by the truth that we have been called to impact the world through acts of service, mission and gifts of Holy Spirit.  We are looking for a minister to join a visionary team to lead the Millenial and Z generation to discover the adventure of following Christ as His disciples and to prepare them to impact the world that they will enter; school and the work force.  This conviction stands firm, that these generations, The Millenials and Z, are not the next generation, but the now generation.

This opportunity will challenge the minister to continue to grow by integrating into an established elder and youth team.  The freedom to explore vision, creativity and experience is celebrated, all to the glory of God.

Personal Qualifications:

  1. Shall have a personal, vibrant, relationship with God through Jesus Christ.
  2. Shall have been baptized in the Holy Spirit.
  3. Shall be in agreement and able to support the current vision and direction of Trinity.
  4. Shall be in agreement with the Covenant, Purpose, Guiding Values, Principles and

beliefs of Trinity Church.

  1. Shall exhibit spiritual gifts and abilities that are needed to lead, organize and disciple.
  2. Shall have personal qualifications as those considered for Leadership/eldership.
  3. Shall have demonstrated experience in leading and working in church based ministries.
  4. Shall have the ability to communicate, manage conflict and connect with the church.
  5. Shall meet appropriate educational requirements.
  6. Shall have a desire to be part of a team ministry, be able to work with people and be

teachable, correctable and accountable.


Leadership Priorities and Tasks 

  1. Primary Leader and Vision Carrier for the Children’s/Youth ministries
  2. Leader of the supportive teams, oversight and coordination of their work
  3. Principal Communicator of God’s Word
  4. Leadership equipper, identifying, discipling and deploying adult & youth leaders
  5. Works with elders and pastors in developing apostolic environment, “culture of honor” and discipleship
  6. Oversight of all Children/Youth services & activities
  7. Support of all Outreach and Evangelism
  8. Liaison to the elders
  9. Participant in the elements of our Sunday morning experience
  10. Will be an active member of the Creative Team

Please send your resume’ to Pastor Paul Backhaus at along with any links of your ministry to youth and children.


Organization name:
Trinity Church





Date Posted:
August 2, 2017

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