Associate Pastor to Youth

We are looking for a full-time associate pastor to join our ministry team.  Our church is at the top of the hill off of the main street in historic Oregon City (the end of the “Oregon Trail.”)  Oregon City is a pretty densely populated area on the southern edge of the Portland metropolis.

Our church has been in this location for 90 years.  We are a relatively small worshipping community with large facilities that we seek to use to serve our community.  We have a full-size gymnasium that is used for community sports programs and a wing of classrooms that house clothing and food ministries to our neighborhood.

Our youth space includes a large gathering room and five classrooms.  Our church has gone through some major transitions in the last several years.  We have a new pastor and a new focus on reaching out into our community.  We are looking for someone to join our ministry team who will make discipleship a priority, as well as build relationships with the community and community groups that are already using our space.  Depending on the sports in season we have between 100-200 youth in our facilities weekly for various sports activities.  We need a bridge-builder who is relational and willing to invest the time needed to engage those who are already coming into the church for sports.

The position is fulltime and pay is comparable to what school teachers in Oregon City make.

The current youth group has more middle-schoolers than high-schoolers.

We would also place a value on any technology skills you can offer.  Our website needs help, and our social media presence needs a boost as well.  The teens are with the adults for Sunday worship, any involvement you would like to have with worship or tech during service times is welcome!

The Church of the Nazarene is a small denomination with Wesleyan/Methodist roots and doctrine.  Our denominational focus has always been geared towards community service and meeting practical needs in order to help share the gospel of Christ.

This position is available to begin immediately, as soon as we find the right candidate!


Organization name:
Oregon City Church of the Nazarene



716 Taylor Street Oregon City


Date Posted:
May 24, 2021

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