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Associate Pastor of Youth Ministry


Turning unchurched students into next generation disciple makers


A BIT ABOUT US (& why you’d be crazy to not want to work with us)

Our legal name is Grace Valley Fellowship, but our friends call us GVF. We are a fast-growing church of mostly young families that meets at the Phoenixville Area Middle School. By “fast-growing,” we mean that we’ve doubled in the past few years. By “mostly young families,” we mean that nearly a 1/3 of our church is under the age of 14. Our worship is contemporary, our dress code is jeans, and our commitment is to speak to both Grace & Truth.  About 600 people consider GVF “home” with 425 or so showing up on any given Sunday.


Our community is awesome. While more than ½ our people come from outside of the borough, Phoenixville is home. We have our hands in almost every aspect of our community: arts, business, social welfare, education, politics, church partnerships, etc. To facilitate this, we meet at the local school & have a storefront location in the heart of the historic entertainment district known for craft breweries – we just broke into the top 10 in the nation – tattoo parlors, live music, & seriously crazy festivals. But, if you are looking for something more, we’re close to everything. In less than 2 hours, you can be riding a buggy in Amish country, sunbathing on the Jersey shore, skiing in the Poconos, or watching a show on Broadway.


Our people are awesome. We have CEOs sitting next to students and hipsters sitting next to 3rd generation pastor’s kids. In particular, God has stacked our congregation with gifted, smart, influential, and noticeably unpresumptuous people. Last year, our comparatively little church on the edge of the post-Christian northeast won a major award (John Stott Award through TEDS). Why? Because our people are awesome.


Our leadership is healthy. Enough said. This is a rare gem in church ministry.


Our mission, values, & strategy are clear. We can explain each of these to you on the back of a napkin. Again. If you’ve spent any time in ministry, you know how precious this is.


Our God is great & He is doing something in & through us for His Name’s sake. Check us out at for more info.



Your mission is to go after un-churched students in our bit of the increasingly post-Christian northeast and turn them into disciple makers. Simple, right? While technically impossible without a work of God, we believe that this is just the work to which God is calling us. To execute this mission, you’d need to invest heavily in volunteer leaders, recruiting, coaching, empowering, & pouring into them so that they can effectively disciple teens. However, when it comes to reaching un-churched teens, we believe the best person to reach a teenager is another teenager who is equipped and has a heart for Jesus that compels them to be disciple makers. The ultimate success of this youth ministry will not rest upon programs or great leaders – though these are necessary – but upon empowering teens to take responsibility for their faith to step out in mission.



If you want to be part of a church that is committed to glorifying God by making disciples who make disciples, believes in life-on-life ministry, doesn’t shy away from hard issues, bends over backwards to make room for skeptics and those who struggle, and believes that being a leader means being the first to confess your struggles, then this might be a good fit. The ideal candidate would be:

  • Welcoming to skeptics and those who don’t fit the church mold
  • Comfortable connecting with teens at a school play or a lacrosse game
  • A strong student and teacher of the Scriptures
  • Have a proven track record in developing volunteer leaders
  • Feel a drive to see teens leading & serving in ministry
  • Be a student of youth & culture, without being consumed by either
  • Enjoy working with a team, and empowering and delegating to others
  • Be part of a pastoral team and thinking beyond the youth ministry



  • You need at least 3-5 years’ experience in youth ministry. We need evidence that you know how to relate to teens, develop leaders, and run a program.
  • You have to be Biblically educated. You don’t have to have a seminary degree, but this is greatly preferred.
  • Someone other than your mother needs to tell you that you are good at teaching. Teaching is not primary in this role, but if you can’t carry a group of teens for 20+ minutes, you will struggle in this role.
  • You need to have the interpersonal relational skills to get along well with both students and adults.
  • You’ve got to be a self-starter, who likes the idea of building new things, and isn’t afraid to fail. We’re not looking for someone to maintain what we’ve got; we want someone who can help set the direction and reach teens who aren’t looking for church.
  • You’ve got to have a mature and maturing walk with the Lord. We believe that effective ministry happens when we serve and love others out of the overflow of our relationship with the Lord.
  • You have to “fit” with our team & show an appreciation for the culture of GVF. Please check out our website, our sermons page, & our FB feed & ask yourself: Do I believe in what GVF is doing? Could I give my time & energy & creativity to what they are doing?
  • Bonus Features. You don’t have to do any of these, but we would consider any/all of these an added bonus: experience/ability to preach, passion for personal evangelism, and the ability to do one-armed pushups (just kidding about the last one).


If you still want to apply, then we really want you to apply!



Your salary will be commensurate to your education and experience. (You won’t get rich, but we take good care of our staff.)  Benefits include paid time off, healthcare, retirement, & your very own GVF t-shirt.



To apply, send your resume and a cover letter that tells us a little about yourself, including a few sentences that explain your philosophy of ministry, to


Organization name:
Grace Valley Fellowship



Phoenixville, PA


Date Posted:
May 17, 2018

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