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Introducing Viva! Colossians

It’s a new year. But it’s also a new month which means we’ve got a brand new edition of Viva!

 Here’s a little about Viva! Colossians

Many teenagers (as well as adults!) question Christianity today. They look at it as just one of many ways that we can connect with God and they ask if absolute truth even exists. If we’re honest, many even see Jesus, and more so the Bible, as outdated and irrelevant, and they set out to forge their own way to God. Interestingly the questions that get asked today about religion and the way to God are not the first time they are being asked. In fact, they’ve been asked since the beginning of humanity and are the exact questions that Jesus and the authors of the New Testament letters entered in to 2,000 years ago.

This VIVA! Series will invite your group into these very questions through the letter in the Bible to the Colossians.

Of course, just like every other edition of Viva! this comes with instructions for adapting this to your ministry context as well as slide templates. Hopefully, it’s everything you need to have a great month of curriculum.

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