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How are you equipping parents to minister to their teenagers?

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Last summer, I helped Jeremy Lee build a new resource called It wasn’t my idea. It wasn’t my content. I just helped him build the first version of the website and help him get it off the ground. (I start things, it’s my favorite.)

What is it?

Simply put… provides you with baseline content for developing a ministry to parents. It provides a framework of content you can build off of. It gives you emails, videos, tweets, and even outlines for parent meetings all built around a progression of content from 7-12 grade.

Why should I try it?

If you aren’t doing anything systemically with parents… meaning you aren’t actively ministering to them, you are probably just passing along information at your meetings or in communications, I think you should give this a try and see what happens. My assumption is that it’ll amplify your youth ministries effectiveness. Use it as your starting point, customize the snot out of it to represent who you and your ministry is, or just give it a whirl right out of the box.

But Adam, I don’t have budget for ministering to parents and this costs money.

Yup, I get that. It costs money and you’re used to not spending money to do what you do. (Or don’t do…) My suggestion would be to get together with your lead pastor and your children’s ministry person, look over the materials together, maybe take a tour of the site, and then decide if trying it is worth the money. (It’s less than you spend on VBS materials every year.)

If you aren’t doing anything at all I think it’s at least worth looking at.

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Disclosure: While we weren’t paid for this blog post, is a partner at The Summit, an organization that we regularly consult with/do business with. Hopefully you can see it’s something we’re excited about… but we want to be upfront in letting you know that we have a business relationship with




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