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Good Christians Don’t Plank, They Tebow

Planking is so… perverse and probably sexual. Clearly, it leads to sex. Or dancing. Maybe even sex while dancing. Plus, if you plank in the wrong place you might get arrested.

Christians, don’t give yourself over to the evil desires of planking. Instead, set yourself apart by Tebowing. It’s planking, the Christian way.

Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Good Christians Don’t Plank, They Tebow

  1. This is hilarious!! Gonna Tebow right now in the office!!

  2. Does that Fed Ex truck say “EXPLOSIVES” on the back? Yikes… they really do deliver everything… But.. gives the driver a good reason to pray… like Tebow. 🙂

  3. … and: good quarterbacks don’t run, they complete passes

    Tebow-mania is beyond me, living in Denver and not liking the Broncos makes it hard to understand, but he is a poster boy for the American culture wars – really strange.

  4. good christians dont tebow thet TEBOWPLANK … check it out

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