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Random Ideas for Youth Group: Flowers for Seniors

I’m starting a new series on Youth Leaders Academy called Random Ideas for Youth Groups. In these short and sweet posts, I want to share ideas for your youth groups to show love in action.

Oftentimes we want to teach our students to love their neighbors, but we don’t know how. In this series, we’ll shows practical, simple ideas that you can execute with your students. Here’s the first: delivering flowers to seniors in nursing homes.

Many seniors in nursing homes are lonely. Their family lives either far away, or doesn’t have/make the time to come visit them. Getting students to show up regularly to talk with seniors may be a step too far, but how about doing something simple to brighten their day?


Everyone loves flowers, so why not surprise a few seniors with a lovely bouquet with a hand written card? A small blooming pot plant will do the trick as well, just make sure it’s easy to take care of. Clear it with the nursing home first of course, but few will object to showing love like this.

[Photo credit: Liz West on Flickr, Creative Commons]
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