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Finding and negotiating for a new youth ministry job

job_interview_funnyIt feels about time for me to write another blog series about jobs.  I have done this a few times over the past bunch of years.  The reason this keeps coming up is I continually find myself in conversations with youth workers who are looking for new jobs and feel like they don’t have a clue how this works.  I’ve joked for a while now that I should be an agent for youth pastors to help them negotiate as they are accepting new jobs.  It’s a knack I have to know how to best make sure that you are asking all the right questions when you are interviewing and before you sign on the dotted line.

I guess since I won’t ever be an agent I should just write about my experiences and see how I can help this way..

I’m not the expert in all of this but I have done it a few times and would love to see what I’ve learned the right and the hard ways help you.  I plan on making myself available to interact via comments or over at the YSNetwork for you to ask questions and get feedback.


So here’s what we will talk about:

1. How to start a search process?

2. Where to look for jobs?

3. Think about your fit

4. Start writing your interview questions (you will be interviewing them)

5. Prep Work (be the most informed candidate they have)

6. Resumes, video introductions, cover letters and applications

7. Interviews: Presenting yourself well

8. Interviews: How to get a second one

9. Face to face to face to face. What to do when they bring you in for a weekend?

10. Negotiating 101

11. Negotiating 201

12. Seeking Discernment: Praying, asking friends, checking with family.

Posted on 2 Comments

2 thoughts on “Finding and negotiating for a new youth ministry job

  1. Can I also suggest that you write a post on how to deal with the disappointment of being turned down? As a youth pastor who has been interviewed and turned down more time than I care to admit in the past 6 months, I think it would be helpful for others to know they are not alone in the search.

    1. Great reminder Jonathan although a little different than this series I will find some places to fit that in because that is the unfortunate reality is that we go through that place of not getting jobs.

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