Youth Worker Testimonials

Here’s what youth workers have said about their Youth Cartel Missions experience:

It was great to both experience a custom trip for my group as well as connect with other youth workers and to see them interact with their groups; and to do so during an international mission trip created the a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Serving alongside these other groups during the day and worshipping together at night…NO ONE wanted to go home even after an exhausting week. It truly was an amazing experience!

Dave Hubbard, Moorpark Presbyterian Church, Moorpark CA

This was an amazing trip! My students had the opportunity to connect with students from all across the U.S. The worship was moving for everyone. My students are in withdrawal, wanting to return immediately to be with the children in the schools and people in the infirmary. They were so touched and received so much joy from this ministry. One of my older (73 yrs old) chaperones has been on many mission trips throughout his life, and ranked this one the TOP mission trip he has ever been on. He was touched by the work AND the worship. All of us were!

Kathy Jackson, Lane Memorial UMC, Altavista VA

This trip was beyond impactful for me and the students I get to serve. Our lives are changed for the better because of this experience! Honestly, it was the best youth missions trip I have ever been on. If you are on the fence about a Youth Cartel Missions trip, please call me at (818) 802-0891 so that I can personally change your mind.

Joel Dunn, Malibu Presbyterian Church, Malibu CA

Everyone on my team made significant breakthroughs in their faith during this trip. I was so impressed with all aspects of this trip, from the coordination of our mission work to the worship and even the food was fantastic. All of my expectations as a leader were surpassed by the combination of the Youth Cartel and Praying Pelican Missions. This trip was a major blessing to all of us and we would absolutely recommend it to other groups.

Joanna Capps, Grace UMC, Greensboro NC

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